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What should we do about our mold and centipede problem?

Asked by jdogg (871points) December 6th, 2009

It must of happened within the last 3 months, and its pretty bad. In our basement there was a leak and the bottom of a 10ft piece of paneling was really moldy . What do we do?We took off the paneling and there about 50 centipedes under it.

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Would you happen to have a picture? It is just hard to visualize the extent of the damage.

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I am so terrified of centipedes I would just move. You might need to call an exterminator.

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Did you get the leak fixed? That’s the first thing that needs to happen.

You are going to have to remove the paneling and replace it. The centipedes are coming from dark, moist, and organic, which could be the damp backside of the paneling. Clean the wall with bleach water, let it dry, and then apply a mold inhibitor according to directions. Then, replace the paneling.

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I’d move. I’m severely allergic to mold, and centipedes freak me out!

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Get some roosters.

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Remove the paneling, fix the leak, treat the mold, and the centipedes will leave on their own once it isn’t a nice place for them to live.

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Make sure that when you are trying to get rid of the mold you either read up on the procedures thoroughly or have a professional do it! Mold can be seriously entrenched in everything in your home and can cause problems ranging from basic allergies to severe allergic reactions from toxic mold. It can be a lot worse than it looks.

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