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How do you "hunt" a "cougar"?

Asked by RAMesesII (269points) December 6th, 2009

Prowling constantly, ‘cougars’ are feared by some, but respected by all.
However, sometimes the ‘hunted’ would like to take a shot at being the ‘hunter’...

Many times has this 2AM dormroom debate occurred, but with know progress, legitimate or otherwise, to show for it.

So now, I turn the question to ya’ll…
Any ideas? Suggestions? Comments? Questions?

Also, it’d be nice to hear from some of the ‘cougars’ out there in the collective too… We know you’re out there… :P

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Assuming dorm room means you’re in college.. why would you even pursue that?
There are plenty of college whores out there.

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I mean ‘dormroom’ as a metaphor… The context being “this is not a serious conversation by any means, just like conversations had in dormrooms at 2AM”

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You will need a gun.. possibly a hunting blind.. and some patience.

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1.) Find an upper class, sociable area. Preferably near a pool.
2.) Remove shirt, exposing muscular physique.
3.) Wait.

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We’re not talking actual cats here, right?

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As exhibit A, I give you Puck, from the popular new Fox series, Glee (minus the whole being a tool aspect). Notice clothing choice and location in the first clip.

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for clarification:

cougar as in, older woman hunting for younger boys to do the dancing with?

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Get an old van from the 70’s, preferably one with tinted windows and a flat black paint job. On the back of the van paint a gigantic picture of a bingo ink marker. Get your hands on some kind of megaphone/PA system, cruise the local rest homes at 5mph, repeat “B-11, I-24” etc and they will come come to you.

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you go to a singles bar, bait n hook

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Get a landscaping job, plain n simple

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I wish I could help but I don’t know much about that. I am a vegetarian. I save kittens and shit.

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Do community service at a retirement home.

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@ChazMaz I think that’s just a few years past Cougar prime.

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Yeah, @FutureMemory, @ChazMaz I think you’ve left cougar town and wandered into elderly village

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So now you want your cougar and eat it too?

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The kind of cougar you’re looking for is no doubt a divorcee looking to feel young again… because most of the cougars I know are still married and aren’t quite so…. hmm… juvenile… lol.. unless of course being a cougar requires that you be single.. in which case… how are they still single at such an age? bah.. whatever…

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so you are in college? It really depends on YOU. What are YOU like? Shy? Outgoing? If you are more shy, find a more dominant strong woman. If you are the strong dominant one, look for a shy sweet woman. Try looking at bars that are not for people in their 20’s. Try grocery stores too

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