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What is the best icing to use if you are shipping cookies?

Asked by rangerr (15744points) December 6th, 2009

Making cookies.
Sending in mail.
Don’t want them to get crunchy.
‘nuff said.

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I don’t know… But I want some!

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@avvooooooo…‘tis not Christmastime yet.

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Icing sugar icing!

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“Don’t want them to get crunchy.”?

You mean the frosting shouldn’t get crunchy? If so, then you will need to package them in a way that they can’t accidentally be flipped over or touch each other. Non-crunchy icing tends to be gooey by default.

We used to make a type of cookie called a “Trilby” (supposedly they look sort of like the hat by that name). Basically they had no frosting but instead had filling, and since the filling was entirely enclosed by cookie it could be as non-crunchy as you wanted. There are recipes online for Trilbies but they aren’t like my grandmother’s cookies. With hers you put the filling between the two cookies before they are baked, so you end up with a tiny pie. Her filling was typically mince meat or strawberry jam.

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More answers here.

And that was asked just one week ago! Now I feel like mailing cookies to someone.

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Aw, snap. Thanks, pete!.
I’ll accept any cookies you mail.

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@rangerr I think I might too! :D

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but you didn’t ask for my address yet…

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….maybe we can send cookies, like with the CD exchange…

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@avvooooooo Is too broke to send anything. :( Why the hell do so may babies have to be born at the end of November?

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