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Burning a DVD on a Mac?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) December 6th, 2009

I don’t know much about burning a DVD but I ripped one of my DVD’s to my Mac using Handbrake. I have a .vob file, .BUP, and .IFO file for each episode of the DVD in the season. Is there a way for me to burn those to a DVD so it plays on a DVD player or a PS2? I tried messing around in IDVD or Imovie but didn’ t get far…

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To use it on a PS2, choose that option when before you start the processing. There is an option for PS2 in the slide out side menu. I don’t know about playing on a DVD player. When I want to make a dvd I use DVD2oneX2.

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Would I just drag those files and burn them on a blank disc or do I need to import or convert them? Do I need all three files per episode?

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I always keep them as MP4 so I am no expert. But I would create a burn folder and drag the vob file into it and click burn. That should work.

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Yeah, I found that iMovie only sees mpg4s. Convert the VOB to mpg first, then iMovie can do it.

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I use MacTheRipper to RIP the DVD to my hard drive, then Roxio Toast to burn that back to a DVD copy. You can also use HandBrake on the ripped version. Of course, I only do that on originals to which I have license to copy.

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roxio popcorn will copy a dvd from another dvd

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Toast worked perfect! Thanks!

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