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My cat has a red bloody sore on her nose, what is it?

Asked by wickedbetty (371points) December 7th, 2009

I have a cat, she is about 12 years old. I noticed a couple days ago that she had a small bloody sore on her nose right in the very center of the part that separates the nostrils. I thought she just rubbed it on something and that maybe it would go away. Well, today I noticed that it is getting bigger. About three times the size it was. It is dark dark red, no puss and no head, like a zit or anything. Just a dark dark red scrape sort of. There is no swelling, in fact, it looks like some flesh has been scarped off. She hasn’t been licking it or scratching it and is an indoor cat. We have another cat, but they stay away from each other. What do you think it is?! HELP PLEASE!?

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You should really get her to the Vet as soon as possible.

It’s the type of thing that needs to have skilled hands and eyes
investigating it. It’s difficult to
evaluate sight unseen over the Internet.

It could be something as simple as ringworm or something as serious as melanoma. Only a Vet will be able to evaluate it properly.

The fact that it’s increasing in size is very concerning. Take her in asap.

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What @Buttonstc says. My dog had a molelike bump that grew on her nose, thank god we got her to the vet.

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This is a link to a discussion board I found, STILL NO ANSWERS!

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Its now Mon. AM so hopefully you can get an emergency appt. with a vet.

If it’s an injury or infection then it needs antibiotics. I doubt there is any type of home remedy that will do any good. It really looks nasty and should likely also have a biopsy done.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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get that sweetie to the vet! I know how hard it is to cope with money troubles and sick pets… $500 in the last two weeks… but you’ll be glad you did in the end.

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Could just be the cold weather, but I hope you can take her to the vet, especially since she’s an older kitty.

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My guess would be a rodent ulcer, but the only way to know is to get her into your vet for a look.

My other concern would oral ulcerations due to renal disease, but you should be seeing other signs like innapetance, vomiting, wasting, and general malaise.

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Awwww… poor honey. That would freak me out. Please let us know what the vet says.

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Omg! I didn’t notice the picture… vet time. :(

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I agree – please take her to the vet. At least give your vet a call.

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Have an appointment! I will let you know! The thing that worries me is that I have heard/ read other discussion boards about my same situation! But no vet has been able to figure it out!

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Good luck! (Poor kitty.)

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This may be a little premature since the kitty has not yet been seen by a vet, but I’m inclined to think that Syz most likely nailed it.

But if you read the details about rodent ulcer, there are effective treatments even tho a specific cause can not always be determined.

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my cat has this condition right now too, I took her to the vet today and they said she has Feline Calicivirus. It is basically the cat flu. This is viral so they cant do much about it, but they did give me some antibiotics to keep her from getting a secondary infection. The more I read about it the more worried I am though! it can be quite serious.

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Did you ever find out what the sore on your kitty’s nose was? I just noticed one of my babies has something similar…

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yes, I don’t remember what the vet called it, but my cat had an infection in her throat. It was pretty nasty. The vet gave her a shot and some antibiotics. It cleared up and is fine. May or may not have had something to do with introducing a new cat, but I’m not sure. It didn’t cost much. I believe it was like 30 bucks or so?

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My cat had that. It was sinus cancer.

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