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I just upgraded to Leopard. (10.5.0 and applied 10.5.2)

Asked by jrpowell (40499points) February 21st, 2008

My CPU’s are getting hammered by ATSServer and mdworker. It has been about thirty minutes and they are still maxing out my processors. Is this normal? I am not using Time Machine. Did something go wrong during the install (I did a upgrade) or is this like Spotlight indexing the drive?

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I guess the compulsory question is: did you also update EMI firmware and possibly reset SMC? Both will have an effect on performace and sometimes don’t show up (EFI) in software update. Also depending in the machine there may be other updates that aren’t showing up in software update-check in Apple’s support section of their website.

Lastly did you upgrade install or clean install? I vaguely remember some users in older machines having issues with clean installs. Again check support. You may also be able to get answers if you email support.

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A quick Google around the intertrucks says that maybe repairing permissions will help.

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