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Why do my joints in my hands itch unbearably?

Asked by jaketheripper (2773points) December 7th, 2009

I was exercising the other day and my hands began to itch unbearably but scratching offered no relief. It felt like it was my bones or joints itching. In both situations my hands were cold, but not unusually cold, and they have been very cold before without anything like this happening. It started to happen again today. What causes this? Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

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When it happened today, was it also when you started working out? Is the itching more of an internal tingling or more of an irritated skin feeling?

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Sorry – Just caught the bones or joints itching part… is it in every joint in your hand, or just, say, on your pinky and ring finger, or some other distributed pattern?

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If it is distribributed evenly throughout your joints in your hands, especially it if tends to be worse or more common in the mornings, it could be autoimmune related and is worth getting checked out by a doctor if you have not been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.
Another possibility… if it has a “glove distribution” or a distribution that includes some fingers but not others, there is a possibility that the problem is originating in the nerve roots in your neck.
Or, it could just be some random, passing symptom that will go away on its own. I’d see a doctor if it continues.

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Today it happened when I began driving to school which means I gripped the wheel just like I gripped the handle of the elliptical machine when exercising. It creeps all along my hand going to each bone and joint in no particular order. It feels like its the top of my hand though and not my palm.

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You need to see a doctor about these symptoms.

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I agree. I think you need a doctor to fully assess these symptoms and find out what’s going on.

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This happens to me too, except I get big, ugly hives on my thighs as well. The doctor said I’m allergic to my endorphins. Go to a doctor and see what they say.

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Thanks for the help, if this continues I will definitely go see a doctor

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I have something similar whenever my hands get especially hot or cold and it’s Reynodes phenomenon. Also, I’ve had some pretty severe allergic reactions in my joints where I actually get hives in the joints. Definitely consult an MD to see if one of these could be the problem.

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Sounds like it could be either Reynaud’s Syndrome as mentioned above or the beginnings of carpal tunnel problems. I have both of these; Reynaud’s is a circulation problem exacerbated by cold; carpal tunnel is caused by constriction of the nerve endings in the wrist. Each can cause tingling in the fingers. If your fingers are turning white as well, it is likely to be Reynaud’s. Both are manageable. Your GP or an orthopedist can help you if it continues.

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Carpal tunnel typically presents in the thumb and palm, rather than the back of the hand. It is a numb, tingling, or painful sensation rather than a sensation of itching in the joints themselves. Reynaud’s is a possibility (it is a circulatory thing), but is always accompanied by discoloration of the skin (usually white but sometimes red), extreme sensitivity to cold, and tends to be a life-long issue rather than one with sudden onset in adulthood. My husband’s late wife had Reynaud’s, and died suddenly at age 48 from an aneurysm at the base of her brain stem. After her death, the family realized that Reynaud’s carried a higher risk than usual of strokes and aneurysms (not a huge increase, but one none-the-less) and it was the best explanation the coroner had for the secondary cause of her sudden death. That is obviously a rare thing with Reynaud’s Syndrome, but something to be aware of.

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It could also be arthritic, definitely needs looking at by a Doc. Good luck.

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