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What television shows are you looking forward to returning in 2010?

Asked by erichw1504 (26391points) December 7th, 2009

The Fall 2009 season is coming to an end. Some shows have already begun their hiatus until the Spring 2010 season. Which ones can you not wait until they return? Which ones had a great or not-so-great mid-season ending? Which shows are actually not returning for a while, if not at all?

Or is there a show that hasn’t premiered yet that you are looking forward to? How about any brand new series?

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This week marks the last episode of Glee until April, and I am really going to miss that show. Also, Friday Night Lights is only on DirectTV right now and the next season should be coming to NBC in early 10! I can’t wait for that.

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umm…i’m waitin’ on big love and number one ladies cant wait !!

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I really could use some more Wipeout in my life.

And the next season of Project Runway starts pretty soon… hopefully it’s a return to it’s former greatness since it will be back in NY. This last season was terrible.

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I love Fringe. @SuperMouse I did not know Friday Night Lights is coming back, that will be great.

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Ok… I managed to get sucked into White Collar because they kept showing it late night when nothing else was on. I’d like to see that come back quickly. Glee, of course, and like @Likeradar I hope the Runway comes back with a vengeance! It did kind of suck this time, though I think it was the people as well as the location. They’ve had boring seasons in the past. :)

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@avvooooooo That’s definitley true. There was no great creativity this season, and the personalities overall were dull. If Irina had been on any other season, I bet she would have been booted early instead of winning. She made pretty clothes, I guess, but she was no Jeffrey or Christian or Uli or Leanne or Kara or Michael or Rami… you get my point. :)

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@JLeslie I heard that Fringe will return in January and then have a break from February to April! Blasphemy!

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@erichw1504 What the hell is going on with these tv shows?! They start, they stop, it is so frustrating.

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I’m gonna second Glee.

We’ve really come to enjoy that show.

@JLeslie: I know; I miss when shows would run straight from September until Spring.

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Burn Notice and Doctor Who. I may or may not have them marked on my calendar

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United States of Tara
Sheriff Lobo :s sorry I saw Rosebud last night I couldn’t help it!

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@gemiwing , copy Burn Notice, I can’t wait – love the show.

Also, I really got hooked on Sons of Anarchy, and the season finale left so much up in the air.

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Greatest show on TV

I’m also looking forward to Breaking Bad :)

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Rescue Me!

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Mad Men next August.

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@stratman37 t’s a shame they couldn’t kill Zobelle…

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@ccrow – you beat me to it! Great minds think alike!

Rescue Me

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I agree with spontaneous, LOST and Breakong Bad rock!

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Oh, are there no Chuck fans in the room? :D

<starts humming “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” in preparation>

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Another LOST and Breaking Bad fan here.

Especially LOST.

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@stratman37 I got hooked on Burn Notice at the beginning of last season. Completely blew me away. I can’t wait for the New Years Day marathon either- it’ll tide me over for a few weeks.

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Lost ive been waiting for this one it is suppose to be the killer season

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Skins, Jam and Jerusalem and America’s Next Top Model.

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I have an obsession with that show like no other.

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The second half of Stargate Universe
Burn Notice

Also, Futurama is coming back after a seven year hiatus. I can’t wait!

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I also agree with many of the other answers, and can’t stand the way the programs start/stop/start these days. It’s enough to make a person give up TV altogether. Almost.

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@gemiwing . Yeah, well you know that’s what will make you tune in next time! I think Katey Sagal will be nominated for an Emmy for her role. She’s just got so much depth, don’t ya think?

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The Inbetweeners :)

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@pjanaway I can’t believe I forgot The Inbetweeners.

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@Leanne1986 – Its amazing isn’t it :)

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Glee and Doctor Who! Torchwood is coming back, too. Although I’m still VERY ANGRY about last season’s death… Almost angry enough to not watch. If it were possible for the Cap’n to die I’d be terrified. Russel T is ruthless, no one is safe on that show!

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Can’t wait for the rest of House, Lie to Me, Bones, Stargate Universe and we might never get to see the last 5 episodes of Defying Gravity aaarrrggggg!!!!!! The very last episode of Dr Who with David Tennant as the Dr is coming up soon. The latest series of Merlin has been amazing so far too.
Hugs all xx

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@bunnygrl You’re a House fan? Couldn’t tell.

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Big Love
Chuck (though I don’t think I’m going to like the change).

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@bunnygrl – Totally forgot about House, I love that show!

@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities – Didn’t know they were starting Futurama again?!?!.

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@erichw lol <hugs>
@pjanaway I hate that we’ll have to wait so long to see the rest of the season, sky has been showing new episodes only a few days after they screen in the US so we’re up to date. They didn’t get “wilson” in time last sunday so it’s on tonight, and then thats it, no more House for ages it feels like. What will I do? watch the box sets again lol <hugs>

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@bunnygrl – I do the illegal thing and download em :p

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@pjanaway :-) I think it’s January before House comes back again on US tv. <hugs>

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LOST, Glee, Mad Men, and Chuck.

Holy crap, what will my life be like when Lost ends? I don’t want to think about it…

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@ubersiren I’m scared for the end of this season.

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@rangerr There will be a void.

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The obvious answer is LOST. Who isn’t waiting for that show to come back on. Who hates that it will soon be coming to an end? I know I do.

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@ubersiren Rewatching the past seasons will only do so much good.And Charlie is still going to be dead. =/

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@pjanaway Yeah, Futurama will be back. Comedy Central has purchased at least one new season. It is starting up sometime mid-2010.

I can’t wait. Oh how I’ve missed Bender these past few years.

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Doctor Who
Monk : (

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Sesame Street…I think this one is going to be a great season!

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@forestGeek – Isn’t it always :)

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@fireinthepriory, I had read somewhere, a while ago, that JB was interested in doing a series that took place in the past (he has been working for TW for a while now). OTOH, I, too, am mad at CoE and in my fangirl brain, it didn’t take place. :P Then again, RTD is systematically “breaking” all of his toys so that by the time he leaves, none will be the same! Stupid man.

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@evegrimm I’ve spent most of this year pretending that CoE never happened! Or at least Part 5. Broke my frigging heart. JB does deserves a break if he wants one (shouldn’t he be using his incredible talents in musicals??). I just hope that RTD doesn’t do too much damage, it seems like his favorite game is screw over the Cap’n.

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Doctor Who

I don’t watch much TV but these are important.

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Glee for sure. I seriously don’t know how I can make four whole months without it! The two weeks during baseball was hard enough!

I wish Jimmy Neutron would come back on TV. That show was a boss, man.

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Jimmy Neutron was cancelled?!? BOOO!

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I know, right? It actually made me laugh out loud.

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The show I most look forward to, Dr. Who, has been on hiatis for a year. Other than a couple of specials, it has been a bleak year.

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Oh, and Modern Family.

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Dr. Who!

And Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

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House, Law and Order SVU, and Glee

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