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On the series true blood, the vampires cry you think that they would ejaculate blood during intercourse?

Asked by evil2 (1028points) December 7th, 2009

I have been watching the series and my gf and i have discussed it wondered if anyone had similiar thoughts

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Do humans ejaculate tears?

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Yeah I fail to see the correlation between tears and blood.

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No, a recent study (October 2009) done by Oxford University has yielded the following results:

”...have discovered that a rare and mythic species Vampiris Growupa, more commonly known as Vampires, do metabolize human blood. In a desperate situation, these vampires can survive for a short time off of the blood of other large mammals. ... Are usually ill-tempered and attractive… although they do not possess the ability to ejaculate, especially not blood…”

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the question was : if they would cry tears and that thinking that all their secretions would be made of blood would therm ejaculate be blood as well…in the show

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@jfos Great research, sir!

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This question is total conjecture. Don’t forget: vampires, um, don’t exist.

@jfos Link?

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If so, that would be the wrong “main vain.”

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@evil2 “and that thinking that all their secretions would be made of blood.” Well if you’re thinking that all their secretions are made of blood, then yes!

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Exactly as I thought, @jfos. Lurve for dead-giveaway fake Latin.

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Um… <<shakes head>>

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@tinyfaery That is the answer to the question, thank you!

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Well I’m sure I won’t be able to get that image out of my head for quite sometime. Wonderful.

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I peed blood after getting hit in the kidneys durring a boxing match, am I a vampire?

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No, because—during the series, mind you—Sookie and Bill have sex, and afterwards, Sookie isn’t covered in blood. It’s also nowhere on the sheets. And since LKH has established that only young vampires could possibly procreate (remnants of sperm from before death), and Bill is not, there is no reason to use a condom. It is also established that vampires only rarely suffer from vampire-only illnesses, so no STDs (that are transferable).

Admittedly, that is combining at least 2 vampire mythos, but still. The LKH thing was established before the porn fest, promise. :D

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@jfos: Hilarious!
I tried to watch this show a few times with my guy but it kept ruining my turn on. Too much simulated sex with people who look like my in-laws from OK, AK, VA and WVA… screeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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I would hope so.

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@jfos LOL! I guess I deserved that, didn’t I?

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I don’t know, but I actually read the entire book series thus far and no the vampires don’t ejaculate blood. I find the show distasteful, it destroyed the book, the show only focuses on sex and not so much as the content of the books. I only saw part of one episode and my mother shut it off because I picked apart each and every error and change that I spotted. Since then I refuse to watch the show.

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@dogkittycat I have been reading the books and I am relieved that changes were made, it makes it better i think, the books are amazing but i like that i dont always know whats gonna hapen….and i think the books are more graphic when it comes tothe sex than the show…

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That would be awesome! :)

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