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Has anyone bought from the website:

Asked by Supergirl (1686points) February 21st, 2008

We were referred to this site by some friends. Anyone ever used it? It seems pretty cool, but an odd idea——is it really the products and savings it appears to be?

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it looks legit i would also recommend you check out the site which also offers various deals on a day to day basis.

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I’ve bought from woot. It’s more gadget focused, but I did get a good deal on a JBL Radial speaker system for my iPhone. $229 at Apple, $159 at Amazon & $119 at Woot.

With woot, the key is to look in the discussion for signs of whether the product is any good or worth the price they’re offering. From today’s deal, the discussion group for S&C doesn’t look like it’s worth much.

One pretty good method for determining whether it’s a deal is to search the product on So today’s S&C deal is $46.69 for those sunglasses (they claim a retail price of $168). shows retailers selling them for $89 to $188 with most around $100 or $110. So $46.69 seems like a decent deal.

Okay, the Oakley watch that just came up for $125 on S&C was froogled for around $500—$600, so that’s definitely a deal.

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Steepandcheap.com5 star ratingbased on 7 reviews Rating Details

The best part: if you end up with something in the wrong size, missed a deal or just want to discuss gear with others, visit – One Deal at a Time is an eCommerce site that sells major brands outdoor apparel at discounted prices. The site presents one deal at a time, with a discount that ranges from 50 to 80% off, and lasts for some hours, so users have to check in regularly to see what’s new or subscribe to the RSS feeds to get the dirt. The prices are considerably lower than average internet sale prices, so it is really convenient, only there is a 3 item restriction, which means that users can’t buy more than 3 items at a time in order to prevent resellers from getting all the deals. Major outdoor brands are featu

this is an interesting site to compare items/costs

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Yes, I would actually say i have an addiction to steep and cheap ! I check it all the time and have gotten some amazing deals off that site. Just an FYI there are about 6 other sites that do the same thing, one deal at a time at up to 70% off all day. I use this website it tracks all 6 of the sites in one place. once you go to it you will check it all the time.


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