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What's the difference between EF and EF-S designation for Canon lenses?

Asked by chuboy (86points) December 7th, 2009 from IM

I see certain lenses have a red border on them and others don’t, and I also see this -L designation. Can someone explain the big picture for me?

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EF means that it is an electronic focus lens, basically every lens made since the late 80s. Also called auto focus.

EF-S are crop sensor camera lenses. They will only fit on APS-C cameras, which as of 2009 is everything but the 1D and 5D. EF lenses will work on APS-C bodies as well as full frame and film, but cost more in most cases.

L series lenses are top of the line lenses. If you buy an L lens you know you are getting the best optical quality available. You will also pay dearly for it.

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