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What wood finish should I use for my new floors?

Asked by finkelitis (1907points) December 8th, 2009

I just put in new maple floors in my living room. As my girlfriend is sanding them, I thought I’d ask the community here what finish I should apply. I’d like something that is environmentally friendly, as clear and unobtrusive as possible (I really like the wood, and don’t want it covered more than necessary), and, lowest priority, easiest to apply. Thoughts?

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And I should add, I’d like something that will protect the wood well.

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Bona is very good.. Your best bet is to go to a specialty Wood flooring company or wholesaler in the area… go there and they will have many types of finishes from polyurethanes to oil based finishes depending on your needs

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Personally, I prefer wood oil finishes, such as a Swedish sealer, made of linseed oil. That will harden the wood without spoiling the finish. After it dries, apply standard wood wax and buff. You will have to re-apply the wax and buff regularly, but in my opinion the integrity of the wood is better than when you coat it with the no-wax, no buff type acrylic. I like the old fashion way.

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I have never found anything better than “street shoe”. It is used on a lot of gymnasium floors. It is very easy to apply, though it is catalyzed. It is clear, uv protects, and us unbelievably tough.
My mother in law had us refinish her floors twelve years ago. It is still beautiful. I have used it on well over a dozen floors and have had nothing but praise from the homeowners.

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here’s the update: we went hardcore, with tung oil. The application was easy, and now I’m letting it set for the next couple of weeks (I happen to be out of touch for most of it). I’m very excited about the choice. The wood looks ridiculously beautiful, and there’s no plastic coating in between me and it.

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@finkelitis thanks for the update. Enjoy your wonderful floor.

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