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Ladies: which mustache/beard style(s) do you find most repulsive or attractive?

Asked by davidk (1419points) December 8th, 2009

As you look over examples that you might find on the internet, by searching for “beard styles” or “mustache styles”, you will probably have a difficult time making a judgment about the style, in and of itself, without the man’s face swaying your decision. I tried it first, so I know it is VERY difficult. Do your best to remain unprejudiced.

If you can’t divorce your opinion of the beard/mustache from the face it grows on, or simply think doing so should not be done…please explain why you think certain facial hair is appropriate for some faces and not for others.

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big grizzly adams beards are gross. nicely trimmed or shaped beards are nice. goatees are nice on the right guy.

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I am not attracted to facial hair of any type. When men shave their heads and then have a beard, it always looks to me as if they have their head on upside down! Goatees and that type always remind me of female genitalia.

They are bristly to kiss too.

That said my husband has a neatly trimmed full beard and I am so used to him in it, I can’t imagine him without.

It is a matter of taste (as long as they are clean and neat!).

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No beards- cleaned shaved is what I like

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I love stubble. Beards are good (as long as they are not too long) and beards with mustache (both very short) are good. Mustache w/o beard is not good (my opinion).

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Clean shaven is my preference but I’ve seen a few guys pull off the little soul patch thing.

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I disagree with all of you.. I think facial hair is very attractive on young guys, if they have a mature-type look about them. Hopefully that makes sense.

Goatees, full-beards, etc.

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GOATEES!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!!! Omg. I’m so going to marry a guy with one! They turn me on lol… joke

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Goatees are great. Very sexy. My guy must have one. And be able to wear a baseball cap backwards and look hot in it.

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Bah, screw clean shaven. I have a facial hair fetish. I get so turned on when I notice a guy hasn’t shaved for a few days. I suppose there’s just something rugged/manly about it. Stand-alone mustaches are just creepy, and I’m not a goatee fan. But some natural beard growth is sexy as hell. Neatly maintained beards are, too. The only thing that bothers me is when a guy lets his facial hair grow but doesn’t get rid of the hair below his jawline, it sometimes just looks beastly.

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I like clean shaven myself. Goatees on some men make them look like jerks. A neatly trimmed beard can look nice, but I agree with @le_inferno about the hairy neck thing looking beastly.

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Most styles can look at least okay on the right guy. But the Hitler ‘stache is never cool.

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I’m not a fan of just a mustache. I’ve never seen it pulled off.
I like the way my husband looks with a beard. He doesn’t let it get much longer than that picture, he keeps it clean.
I dislike completely clean shaven, I like stubble.

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@casheroo I’m not a fan of just a moustache. I’ve never seen it pulled off ouch
does your husband mind having his face sprawled across the Internet, just wondered :)

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I am a fan of mustaches unless they get too long. A well kept beard is nice,too. But I hate goatees, hate, hate and the soul patch just looks ridiculous!

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I don’t like facial hair that is out of control. Mustaches aren’t bad unless they’re too long. I think that looks kind of awkward. There’s no need to let your mustache hairs grow that long. Trim them!

Chinstraps NO on 99% of male faces.
Hitler mustache NO on 100%
Big sideburns yes.

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@Adagio I own all rights to pictures I take. And you know what I meant! I’ve never seen a guy be able to look good with one.

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My dad lets his beard grow Grizzly Adams-style in the winter, to keep his face warm. It cracks me the hell up.

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@casheroo Your husband is a good looking man.

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I’m not the hugest fan of facial hair to begin with. I feel like there’s a lot of potential for cheesiness and just awfulness there. Certainly, if you’re going to have it please trim it and don’t go all mountain man with the bushy, untamed beared. I think that looks horrendous and unkempt and frankly, I find it a bit gross.

I also think most moustaches are kind of cheesy, but that’s just me. My roommate is in a moustache-growing contest for work and he looks like Gomez Adams. It’s pretty hilarious.

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I think facial hair can look nice on the right guy. I like Van Dyke beards, full lumberjack-type beards, and ironic hipster beards. Once I went to a dive bar and the bartender had the most amazing twirly mustache. I could just see this dude twirling his beard and going, “MWA ha ha ha,” and I had a lot of time to ruminate on this because he was so slow in getting the drinks. I think the thin Hip Hop Standard beard from the link is gross. I keep seeing deadbeat Eminem wannabes rocking that beard. It’s like the beard version of malt liquor and herpes. Just… ugh. But generally, I’m a fan of beards. I almost wish I could grow one. :(

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It’s like the beard version of malt liquor and herpes.

Now, that is hilarious. lol4rl!

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@Ansible1 Haha that does not turn me on at all. That beard would get so annoying! I wonder if he shaved it off right after that competition..

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I prefer when guys are either clean shaven and moisturize or when they maintain their facial hair neatly. The key is, does it flatter their face? Defining it beyond that would be equivalent to proclaiming one universal hairstyle as most attractive. It just varies person to person.

There’s something to be said for guys that can rock the stubble though, especially if they have a cleft chin ;)

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Although just off hand I would say that I do not like facial hair, opening the link that @davidk gave made me realize that I do like it! (Maybe I don’t realize it because I’m in college, and most of the guys there aren’t capable of doing much with their facial hair. :P)

I gotta say, when someone says “facial hair”, I always think of Tony Stark’s facial hair. It’s hawt.

Also, Hugh Laurie looks much better with his stubble than with a clean chin. Here vs. here.

As long as it’s well maintained and not huge or similar to a full Jewish Orthodox, I’m good. :D I don’t have anything against Jewish Orthodox men, just their beards.

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My step-dad, who is in his 70’s, has a soul patch. I think it’s funny and awesome.

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@evegrimm ~ wow… I too vote for picture numero uno ;)

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I prefer the mustache and no beard! The mustache needs to be well taken care of. Goes with that dazzling smile I am looking at! I notice the smile and eyes of a man right off. So the mustache would be an added bonus!

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@evegrimm Oh yes, I vote for picture number 1. What a hottie.

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