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What does it mean when my hearts 'jumps'?

Asked by libbinogurl (96points) December 8th, 2009

Theres a guy i thought i could never like in that way, and the other day we were talking, his eyes were flickering between my eyes and my mouth and then at one point it felt like my heart was jumping and sinking at the same time? My friends say i like him, but he isnt my type? Does that mean I dont choose who I like?

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It means that you have more than one heart :)

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It means you carefully choose who you like, but by processes which are not always altogether conscious.

But: you have been evaluating this man, his posture, his stance, his voice, his attitudes, his appearance, etc. and you are meant as a human female to do exactly that. I say trust your intuition and don’t overthink it.

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It means luuuuurve.

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omg pdworkin you are a mind reader! lo maybe I do like him, but i dont want to, but i cant help it!

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or your having a heart attack

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Why don’t you want to like him? If I may ask?

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Actually, that’s a tactic that is used to attract a mate….to look at their eyes then down to the mouth and then up again.It’s in some book like “How to Make Someone Fall in Love with You.” It’s a bit covert, but obviously it worked, huh?

Hmm….I’d be a bit wary. Especially if you think he is not your type. I don’t think it’s luuurve….but it might be luuuust.

Check him in broad daylight, or under a flourescent light first. :) And with no wonky eye travelling…..


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It means you don’t choose who you are chemically attracted to. But you very much choose who you date and have a relationship with.

We don’t act on every urge.

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if it means love, run from it as fast as you can, leave marks on the floor if possible!!!

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It means what you think is your type, may not really be your type after all. especially if your “type” doesn’t have a history of working out for you. No, you don’t always get to choose. Sometimes you’re handed a surprise.

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@aprilsimnel, the guy isnt what I normally find attractive or not what I would call ‘boyfriend material’ bbut I cant help the heart jumpyness! the guys is my friend of almost a year, and yeah Ive seen him in all kinds of light haaha maybe its because hes quite buff and stocky (which I like)

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Oh, so he’s your physical type, but not your usual personality type, and he’s a bit of a player, maybe (which, if he’s doing that eyes-to-lips thing, he probably is)? I see.

Sounds like incipient lust to me! You’ll learn that not every guy you fancy isn’t going to be in that lovey-dovey boyfriend way. Sometimes it’s going to be straight-up physical lust with men you’d never otherwise consider.

You’ll have to choose how you deal with it. If you honestly want a boyfriend, and it doesn’t seem like he’s that type of guy, then you’ll have to exercise your power of rational choice to ignore your body’s desire for him. If you’re OK with just having a fling, then that’s your choice as well. Be safe!

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No no no, hes not a player at all, and Im not kidding, he has long hair and normally thaats a major turnoff for me, but this time, it doesnt seem to bother me (???) He isnt very good looking-in the face. Im so confused

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@aprilsimnel @pdworkin @Marina @DarlingRhadamanthus, I thought I might give you a little bit more insight, Im 16, the guy is 18. Ive known him a couple years, but we have only been friends this past year. Only about 2 weeks ago, I had the heart jumpyness. I have noticed these things:
We I ask him to go on facebook (so we can chat) he always does. He always replys to my txts. He looks at my mouth, then my eyes and always makes eye contact with me when I talk to him, (thats when I got the heart jump thing) I would really want to know if he likes me back. He sits next to me sometimes and makes me laugh a lot.

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Oh, and some other stuff he does (Dont know if this means anything) He is my top follower on facebook, and he always comments on my status and stuff when I ask questions etc. and the other day we couldnt go out (in a group) and his words were: Damn I missed it D:’’

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Girl, you have to calm down. You are being emotional and you are letting emotions or desperation take control of your mind. Sometimes when women want a partner, we start looking at what is unfamiliar and then we start compromising and lowering the standards. Or maybe your original criteria for a guy was superficial. Either way, If this guy wants you, then let him chase you until he makes it crystal clear that he wants to be with you the way you need him to be with you. And Don’t mess with fire, because you just might get burned.

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