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What determines if your face is blurred on COPS or not?

Asked by Spargett (5390points) February 21st, 2008

I can’t really find a pattern. It’s so random. Alot of people don’t have their faces blurred in some really embarrassing situations, while others are blurred for nothing.

Anyone have any insight into how COPS does this?

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Its all based on who signs or doesnt sign the waiver saying basically that its ok to put the persons face on cops. The ones who look foolish but not blurred are the people who think tv will make them look cool or that they arnt acting crazy enough to be embarassed by showing their face.

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But if its in a public place, their faces should be fair game. Since no one can expect a right to privacy in public view.

And I wonder if COPS ever offers monetary compensation for filming on private property (i.e. inside homes, etc.)?

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If they were shooting and you just happened by in a public place that would be true, but cops I assume like shows that we produce often have aggreements with communities to ride and shoot with the police. The communities are the ones who insist on a waiver for the camera to accompany the police.

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Don’t forget that the program is receiving $$ through ad revenue. It could be a way to contract a person into waiving certain rights. Even a criminal can file a law suite if someone is making a profit from their image.
Don’t want to sign our waiver? Here is money for bail if you sign.
Not enough money? Fine, you get zilch and you’ll still be on COPS.

*not an answer, merely speculative.

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It could also have to do with current cases, that if the face is seen on TV, it could jeopardize the current case.

Cops is filmed as a news magazine and as such falls under the same guidelines as the news.

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Cops is filmed in many different states each with different laws on the issue. Also if someone speaks that can play a role. Audio recordings are more likely to need a waiver, but without a face the same rules may not apply.

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