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Is there anyway to build small application for mac?

Asked by tantaikooi (122points) February 22nd, 2008

I want to use some of the tools that not available (or expensive), and i want to build my own.

How about flash? In windows, we can make it as .exe then we use it just like a tool. Possible in mac?

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except apple script

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Use Adobe AIR if you’re comfortable with Flash. It’s cross-platform.

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Well every mac comes with XCode which you can use to build native cocoa applications in Objective-C (and as of the latest version of Mac OS, Ruby and Python). I know a few people who do Cocoa development and they swear that you can build simple applications quite quickly.

But if Flash is your bag I definitely I second AIR. It works remarkably well on both platforms and the API is very well done. You can build something really quickly with it. In fact it works so well we did an application for the travel arm of the government here to much success.

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Where’s XCode located?

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@klaas4, i guess it’s in the mac OS x installation CD(optional kit??)...maybe i am wrong. but check the cd first.

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Already did this, can’t find it.

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You can download Xcode from Apple. But it is rather large and you have to register with Apple.

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Registration is free, by the way.

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You don’t have to be a developer, then?

edit: You need to be 18…

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Just lie on the form. They don’t check and you won’t go to hell for doing it.

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by the way, do i need adobe air SDK or just adobe air…..

and, if i only have older version of flash..will it work with this Air?

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You could always build your app as a Dashboard widget. Widgets can have access to pretty much any system resource through command-line invocations and Cocoa plug-ins, as well as integrate Flash, Java, whatever. The great thing about them is that you’re basically working within WebKit, so you can keep things simple in terms of what you use to build the interface (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). I’ve built several myself since they were introduced and even have a dated, but still useful tutorial on my website that might help get you started.

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@tantaikooi, you can develop AIR apps with Flash/Flex or HTML+JavaScript however you do need the SDK (free so far) to build the apps. The Flash side of AIR only makes use of AS3 so you’ll need to use Flash CS3 (9)+ or Flex 2+. There’s an AIR plugin for the Flash CS3 Pro IDE that works reasonably well that is a GUI front-end to the SDK build processes.

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I definitely second Adobe AIR. Not only will you be able to build a small app for the Mac but you’ll also be able to offer that same app on Windows and other operating systems as well! I haven’t built anything yest but I’ve been to a few conferences where they’ve demoed the capabilities…. Really sweet stuff.

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if you want to write a small mac app, I would recommend using dashcode. I believe it comes bundled with xcode.

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