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Do you feel obliged to answer questions on Fluther?

Asked by Karandr (69points) December 9th, 2009 from iPhone

Or do you prefer to just use the site as an interactive Q&A?
If you see questions coming up in your fluther, do you feel obliged to answer them?

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I answer a lot more than I ask. I can be helpful at times. But if I don’t have anything to add I will move on.

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No, I often skip over that which don’t interest me. Due to my low activity I’m often beaten to the point and end up posting my opinion on whatever the subject has evolved into, which is often a bit off topic.

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I feel obligated to help that person, after all, we all deserve to have people always ready to help. Though being obligated to do this isn’t so bad, it is kind of bad on the conscience when a person does not know how to deal with something and you’re not so sure yourself.

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If it’s a question that I have first-hand knowledge or experience in, then I feel like I should answer. And there are some questions that I definitely know too little about, and feel like I shouldn’t answer. Aside from those situations, when I get a chance to throw in a smartass quip, I’ll probably do it.

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If I think I have something useful to say about it, and it hasn’t been said yet, I say it. Otherwise, I have no problems with leaving it to the other jellies.
I think every question gets more than enough attention here.

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No, I only answer ones that interest me or where I think I can be of help. Otherwise I’d never get any work done!!!

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I only look at questions that interest me, and then only reply to maybe 25% of those. I try to stick to things that I have a definite opinion on or that I have some sort of knowledge about – unless I see an opportunity to make a wisecrack that’s just too good to pass up. Even the flippant remarks I do make I try to keep on topic, rather than silly back and forth banter between myself and one individual in the thread – that gets old fast.

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I only answer if I can contribute something.

I will never post to say “I don’t know”, or “I have no opinion”, or “I will answer later”, these are just lurve whores giving empty answers to gain a few empty points

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Ditto what @johnpowell said.

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I do like to help out as much as I can, but only to the interesting ones and the ones that I actually know an answer to.

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I don’t feel obligated at all. As others have said, I only answer questions that interest me or where I think I have something worth contributing. But I’m a bit of a know it all, so that’s a lot of questions.

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I’m with the majority of you. I don’t feel “obligated” to answer anything. I answer where I think I can contribute something, offer an opinion, or maybe help someone.

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I agree with @DrBill, I don’t post anything unless I have something helpful to provide. If I ever reach a high amount of posts – I would hope that the majority of them were thoughtful and insightful posts that helped a few people in some way. Or at least provided some fresh perspectives.

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No I do not.

DAM! I just did!

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No, I don’t..should I? after all fluther is for my benefit as well as much as it is for that of others

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I just like it.

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can’t stop…...can’t stop…. irresistible force… pulling my fingers to keyboard…. AUGGGGGGGGG

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@Judi all I keep thinking about when I see that comment is methionine, the amino acid signified by AUG…i’m a dork

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It depends how much time and energy I have. I will try to answer ones I have knowledge of that hasn’t been stated yet, or if I have a witty (at least to myself) response. If I am at work, or traveling as I am now, I will spend less time answering and more time just catching up.

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No, I don’t feel an obligation to answer questions. I simply enjoy contributing and helping other jellies when I can. I skip more questions than I answer. I rarely ask any.

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