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Anyone know what's up with the Weather Channel app for the iPhone/iPod Touch?

Asked by erichw1504 (26396points) December 9th, 2009

I have the Weather Channel application on my iPod Touch and I just downloaded the newest update for it last night. Now, whenever I try to open the app it crashes immediately and goes right back to the home screen. Anyone else experiencing this? I really depend on the application to update me on the weather, especially since I ride my bike to work often.

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I don’t know, but there’s also the Accuweather app. Give it a try – I find it more accurate than’s anyway.

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That has happened to me 1 out of 3 times and it happened when I looked at the radar map.

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@wildpotato Is the Accuweather app free?

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I hate the Weather Channel app. I’ve never had it crash, but sometimes when you launch it tells you you are looking at weather for one location, but it is actually not for that location. You have to make it refresh the data. My wife kept wondering where all this cold weather was, then realized the app was still showing Vermont weather even though it said it was showing Ohio weather.

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Mine is doing that too. So is my facebook app.

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Hmmm. My Facebook app is crashing all of a sudden, too.

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Sometimes apps do that and it requires you to restart the iPod Touch. Just hold the Power button down for about 3 seconds and you will see it says “slide to power off”. Do that, then press the Power button again to turn it back on and try the app again.

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It may be a server’s problem.

Just in case you are not inTArweEbZ 1337 HaXz, let me explain what I mean by this: Whenever you go to a website, you are actually accessing a computer or, in most cases, a server. A server is basically a really big hard drive that is designed to simply hold and quickly transfer data. Almost all websites’ data are stored on these. That URL you type? You could consider that a nickname for the server’s IP address. The server then presents you with the data you want to access when you ask it for it.

Some applications that I have are almost completely internet-based and crash upon starting if I either have no service or am on EDGE service. This means that the lack of communication between the target’s servers and your device could not be going smoothly, if not at all. Probably the best solution is to get the AccuWeather app that is being discussed and wait for an update for the TWC app. Also, in case you want to see if it’s not a problem at TWC, try using your WiFi connection and see if that works. Also try restarting your device.

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