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How would you feel if a loved one wanted to donate their body to Bodyworks?

Asked by faye (17839points) December 9th, 2009

Bodyworks uses a plastizing method to isolate nerves, or veins and arteries, or muscles etc and technically the body that is when they are finished can be put on display. We went when it was in Edmonton and I was totally fascinated. But when I think of one of my children doing that I feel an instinctive no.

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Holy shit. I dunno about a loved one, but I’d like this done to me. Well if I die young anyway, lol. Lurve for never hearing of this!

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I would be all for it. I don’t know if I could visit the exhibit myself, but knowing someone in my family is donating to a educational cause would be wonderful.

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Sure, why not

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Do you mean Bodyworlds?
I would think it is awesome!
It was in Philly not too long ago. Very cool. I would consider doing it myself…

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Suddenly, I’m not half the man I used to be…

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that would be great!! then I wouldn’t have to go to the cemetery to visit them

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I saw a show that said that many of the bodies in those displays are people who were imprisoned in Chinese jails. I cringe at the thought that they did not have control over what happened to their bodies after death.

To answer your question, I am not sure what I would think. I have a feeling I am one of those people who will want to be near to my husband if he dies before me. Whether it be ashes or a grave I think it will take me several years before I don’t feel compelled to “visit” him. I guess if I have to choose, I prefer he does not give his body to this money making show. It is not like giving your body to science really, that show is a business.

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I used to think you were crazy, but now I can clearly see your nuts!

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Most of the bodies that had any skin left were white in the show I saw. Kind of upsetting was a 7 mo pregnant woman who had died. They showed the baby in her. Some of the young women were crying, but the show had a sign that said what was in that room.

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I saw one of these exhibits very cool. And I’d be proud of them for donating their body to help people learn.

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@stratman37 Are you talking to me?

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I would be fine with it. I’ve seen the Bodyworlds exhibit a few times and thought it was an incredible experience.

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If it involves me being displayed mostly naked in perpetuity, let me say HELL NO, I wouldn’t do it. I probably wouldn’t want a loved one to do it, but that’s because I like the idea of going to visit them in a beautiful cemetery, or at whatever location they want their ashes spread.

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Here is the link to wikipedia under Contraversies it states:

Bodies from deceased persons who did not give consent – such as deceased hospital patients from Kyrgyzstan[37] and executed prisoners from China – have never been used in a Body Worlds exhibition. In January 2004, the German news magazine Der Spiegel reported that von Hagens had acquired corpses of executed prisoners in China; he countered that he did not know the origin of the bodies, and returned seven disputed cadavers to China [38]. In 2004, von Hagens obtained an injunction against Der Spiegel for making the claims.[39]

I’m glad to read it seems they only use bodies that have given consent. BUT, realize that they returned 7 bodies given by China, meaning the Chinese were willing to give bodies without proper paperwork from what I read here.

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it would be very weird if you see their faces and all.. i wouldn’t mind them giving their bodies but, i’m not sure i would visit the exhibit. after all, it is up to them to do what they want with their body.

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It’s their body, they can do as they please with it.

Both my parents want to donate to science. I think it’s weird, but it’s not my body, and I’d respect their wishes.

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How amazing-Boston Legal is a story about a woman stealing her father’s Bodyworlds body from the exhibition!

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It’s just a shell. They’re not there anymore anyway.

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i wouldnt be cool with it, I personally found that a lot of the sculptures were very obvious and contrived. I also found the women to be too sexualized in their poses, I entered with a very open mind and by the end i found the whole thing garish and in poor taste…

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Body worlds? It was soo cool, but I think I’d feel a little weird about it….maybe recognizing someone? Or even one day saying “Son, that was your great-grandfather.”

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I carry a full body donor card in my wallet, so it’s possible that I could end up there myself. I think it’s a worthy cause.

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i’m all for it.

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Why not?

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Oooh, my mother would be so horrified!!

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I wouldn’t mind, if that’s what they really wanted. I wouldn’t go see it, but I’d support their decision.

My grandfather stated that he wanted to donate his body to science just before he died. My family threw a royal fit. I didn’t see the big deal, but they ended up changing his mind.

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I don’t understand! Why is this any worse than your bones rotting in a box under the ground?

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And I really! don’t want to rot in the ground- but the again I wouldn’t know!

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But then all the nutrients from your body would get recycled eventually and you’d live on forever nourishing grass and trees. Even a concrete-lined plot will eventually succumb to the forces of nature. There’s something far more poetic about my molecules living on in another being than there is about displayed to random strangers when I’m dead.

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@MissAnthrope The bodies on display eventually do end up in the natural recycle process, it just takes longer.

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Now with all the talk about plastic never degrading, would the bodies ever?

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@faye Good point. I don’t happen to believe that plastic doesn’t degrade, especially after having to replace all my landscaping because the plastic had degraded to the point that it was letting weeds and unwanted trees grow through.

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I’d rather donate my body to the Body Farm.

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@La_chica_gomela I would do that but we have a teaching hospital a 100 mies away so they can come scoop our bodies up before it’ too late. If I will not be acceptable for UofA I’ll leave a direction to go to the body farm.

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That is a new one on me. I do have the issue of my little sister wants her body donated to a body farm. The thought of her body being taken into a wooded area and dumped to break down and be poked at by students, is hard to swallow.

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I think people should consider the desires of who will mourn them most. After a death it is the ones left behind who have to deal with the loss and acceptance. I have a relative who was very upset her brother donated his body to science. She wanted/needed the ritual of watching the coffin going into the ground and throwing dirt on it. Of course everyone has a right to do with their own body as they please. I am just saying consider the people you will be leaving behind.

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I hope I wouldn’t mind. After you die you don’t know what’s going on with your body and you don’t feel a thing any way. I say if it can give someone a chance at life why not.

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