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When did this Hollywood "baby bump" obsession begin?

Asked by occ (4080points) February 22nd, 2008

I feel like celebrities used to have babies in (relative) peace and quiet. They might have been photographed with kids once they had them, but pregnanacy didn’t used to be this huge hollywood story—it happened behind the scenes. I don’t even remember the word “baby bump” being used until a few years ago, and now it’s the cover of People magazine almost every week. Is it me, or is this a relatively new cultural trend—obsession with celebrities’ pregnant bellies? When did it start? And what does it say about our society/culture?

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i really dont know but i wonder it too cause when i read the news of magazine lots of them is pregnant! Is it a fashion or what!?

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lol it started as soon as publicists started lying for their clients, and the tabloids started paying BIG bucks for the scoop. i think the mags MAKE it a bigger deal for celebs to be outted on pregnancy for a number of reasons:

1. most are super skinny. putting on weight is a HUGE deal for any reason.
2. affects their future roles/how long they are out of commission etc.
3. means they are fertile, can procreate. nothing worse than a mommy wannabe who cannot
4. reflects that maybe the “famous” one could have a “famous” child in future
5. gives celebrities that abililty to say, look i am human too (almost)
6. something to love. so even if the whole world hates them they still have a kid.

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lol that is great answer :) i like it..Nonetheless if tabloid knows that why they are giving a big bucks to the celebrities?! i mean, for instance jennifer lopez is given a birth but tabloid is gonna give 8 million dollar for taking pictures ! that is ridiculous!

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