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I need to leave my job, and completely switch fields. What is the best way to get hired?

Asked by howardroark (27points) December 9th, 2009

people you need to help me here. I am 26, a hard working college graduate, and getting laid off in 3 weeks. I just heard today. I’ve decided I no longer want to stay in Education, which means starting fresh in a new field. What is the best way to market myself to companies where I will have little direct experience? What are the best fields for former teachers? Assuming I am willing to work 90 hours a week in the next month to land a great job, and time is of the essence because I abhor the idea of collecting unemployment checks, what is my next move?

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Most jobs in the medical field. You can take classes while you are working.

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do you have a science degree? why not hide out in school for awhile? dental school, pharmacology school, etc.

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Look at doing professional training for larger companies. Many larger companies will hire former teachers for in-house training positions.

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What were you teaching? Where were you? High School, College, grammar school?

Edit: Do you like banker’s hours, working with people, being social, being the leader or the follower, doing research on your own schedule, working in the outdoors, physical or manual labor? These are the typical questions asked on those expensive career inventory tests.

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If you go into the medical field, go for ultrasound, mri, cat scan techs. Their world is the new world.

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