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Are there any research psychologists out there? (with University qualifications)

Asked by Ame_Evil (3046points) December 9th, 2009

There is a thread floating about similar to this, but I have something more specific in mind. I was wondering if anyone on this site belongs to the field of research psychology and had studied psychology as a university undergraduate. I also want to know how they got from there to where they are today as after some thinking I think this may be the career choice for me.

What I would like to know is where you went to Uni, what you got, if you did post-grad and if so what did you do for it, and then any other careers/courses/internships etc. between postgrad and research psychologist.

Or if anyone knows anyone quite well who fits into this description I don’t mind hearing about that.


/edit: If you are a research psychologist but did not attend University I wouldn’t mind hearing your “story” too as that may also be helpful.

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Keep me posted? I’m interested in what you might learn here.

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@DrasticDreamer Sure. Are you seeking to enter this area as well? If so what stage are you at in your career “line”?

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@Ame_Evil I’m still trying to figure out if it’s a career choice I’d be interested in. I’m definitely interested on a general level, but I’m trying to learn about the career as much as possible, from those who are certified. (I’m the one who asked the other question.) Right now, I’m pretty much at stage zero, but I’m thinking about diving headfirst pretty soon. I want to learn more about it first, though.

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A friend of mine graduated with a degree in psychology (BA) and got a job working as a research lab assistant (basically running the undergraduate labs—not the classes, but the building) while she worked on her masters.

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I’m not in the field of research psychology, but I’ve worked with people in that field—mostly grad students. I think the preparation is pretty much the same as for any other degree. I doubt if your undergraduate major matters, but your grades and GREs do. If you’ve volunteered or worked in the field, that’s a plus. Your application essay and/or interview also matter. It probably does help if you have statistics in your background. It also may help if you have done research as an undergrad or if you have helped collect data. It’s the same as getting into any graduate program. Nothing tricky to it.

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What do you mean by “research psychology”? Any psychology doctoral program will teach you how to do some sort of research for your dissertation. Experimental psychology is very different from clinical psychology. What do you think you might be interested in studying?

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I studied at Cornell (upstate NY)

I did an internship while in school and work for someone with an established practice for two years, then opened my own office.

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Do you mean PhD by research or taught MSc culminating in a PhD. For a research degree some stats will be needed, not only as an entry requiremen tbut because if you can’t run any part of a research project if need be you are at the mercy of other people and their interpretations and if they are misguided you will never know this unless you can do the work yourself and know the basics. The grades are not everything but it helps if you have them and/or connections.

I got an internship and worked as a volunteer while still doing undergrad for both fields and the people I met along the way became a part of my future. Some of those I thought I would work with long term and admired turned out to be dead ends so it is good to be flexible and willing to change direction. Many people find the research takes them to multible locations…so far mine has spanned multiple continents…

I talked to people who were in research I admired to find out the best way to proceed and I visited their labs. It really helps if you are wanting to do a research project that will enhance what a would be supervisor is doing…There are also professional organizations you can join at a student rate that will give you a great feel for how the industry is going..

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