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What should we do if we are receiving unsolicited pornographic text messages on one's cell phone?

Asked by skfinkel (13537points) December 31st, 2006
We live in Washington State, and this is the response to a unintentional wrong number. Suggestions?
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When I was getting unsolicited phone calls, I called my service provider and had the number blocked.
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This sounds like something that's probably illegal -- it could be a form of harassment that's criminal.
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Keep the text messages -- don't delete them -- and then you might want to file a report with the police.
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It sounds like what's happening would fall under Washington's Cyberstalking laws.
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It may be a hassle to go to the police, but it would be good for this person to face some legal consequences. That might make him/her wary of harassing someone else in the future. Or it might just establish a history of harassment that will be helpful in punishing him/her for some future crime.
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not sure if the "do not call list" works for texts, but check out
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also heard you can write back "stop" and it blocks them but i dont know where i read that
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do not call list won't work in this scenario... it's a list which prevents unsolicited sales calls from businesses only. sjg has the right idea, just get your cell provider to block that number. piece of cake.

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