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Can you recommend a free web site filter?

Asked by valdasta (2139points) December 10th, 2009

I am a bit new to the internet; I would like to keep my family safe from unwanted adult sites. Is there a free filter available?

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The best filter is to not go on the website in the first place :)

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@pjanaway I would agree, but what young man wouldn’t want to google “boobs” or something?

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change your DNS server to openDNS, if that sounds too technical it’s actually easier than you think. Then you just set up a free account with them and you can filter web requests.

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I second OpenDNS. I’ve installed it on several of my client’s networks. It’s more effective than software solutions, which are limited to the PC that the software is installed on. OpenDNS protects all devices on your network (all laptops, Nintendo DS’s, smartphones using wifi, etc.).

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