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A question about a houseplant...

Asked by jrpowell (40499points) February 22nd, 2008

My sister decided that I have finally grown-up. To celebrate this occasion she gave me a plant.

I live in a room with very little natural light. My lamp uses a CFL bulb. Will the CFL bulb be adequate to keep this plant alive? Would a incandescent provide the plant with a healthier environment?

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Hahaha, it sounds like you;re about where I am in life right now – as in “my sibling has decided I might be grown up”.

It really depends on what kind of plant it is. I’d put it as close to the window as possible. I’m not sure which kind of light bulb would be best. But Natural light, keeping an eye on the water, and, yes, even talking to it once and a while all help.

IF you know what kind of plant it is, I might be able to give you more help.

Have fun!

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what kind of plant is it? if it’s a philodendron, spider plant or something like that probably okay… otherwise it will need more light than a CFL bulb.

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Plants, like people, occasionally want food, too. But you have to ID the plant for any of us to offer any real help. The toughest and least neediest plant is the aspidistra or iron plant.

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I don’t know what kind of plant it is. It is a hanging plant with large heart shaped leaves. The largest leaf is about 3 inches wide. And right now it hangs about 18’ over the side of the pot it is in. She bought it at Fred Meyer for about four dollars.

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You DO know that you can give hanging plants haircuts in order to keep them from getting leggy and perhaps grow back bushier? Plant didn’t come w. a little tag giving growing instructions?

Check out:
Heartleaf philodendron

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Thanks Gail… That is the plant I have. I found this and it says low light is OK.

Looks like my sister knows me well enough to get a plant that is hard to screw up.

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Oh, good. Nice to know we solved the problem w. so little info. Now – take note – with enough energy, anyone can kill any plant. Don’t overwater and drown the poor thing. If you want more plants, Google rooting cuttings. You can have dozens of philodenrons in a few months, but then you might need a new apt.

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HI John, You’ll be fine with that plant…doesn’t need much…just water it every once in a while (once every two weeks). put it in the sink and soak it till the water comes out of the bottom. If you want to make it really happy, you can spritz it with a spray bottle full of warm-ish water every once in a while too.

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