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can I paint over wallpaper?

Asked by boots74 (72points) February 23rd, 2008

I am renting a house, in the bathroom the wallpaper was torn by my cat. Then my granddaughter helped. I have no idea about wallpapering. I thought it would be easier to paint it if I could. I need a quick fix before my landlord sees it. Help!!!!

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It’s hard enough getting wallpaper off without it being painted over- ugh, I speak from experience.

But, on the subject of hiding damage, maybe you could put in a mirror over the tear- your landlord will probably see that as a property improvement.

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Thank you for your idea, it is great except the problem in down lower on the wall, I don’t know how it would look. I have a couple of pictures here, if you could take a look and see what you think, I would greatly appreaciate it! Please excuse the extra photos, I couldn’t figure out how to get them out of there without deleting them totally.
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Painting over wallpaper will cause the wall to bubble and show creases/joints at the paper’s edges; it becomes a temporary fix which will eventually have to be remedied. I would tell your landlord and offer to do the labor and paint and have him/her deduct some money off of next month’s rent.

Wallpaper in rentals is a sign of either uneven/damaged walls or just simply really old styling that has not been updated. The time and cost associated with repairing that wall should be considered by your landlord and it seems you’re being a good tenant in maintaining upkeep with the gesture.

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The mirror is a good idea, and since it is the bathroom why not put in a full-body one so that it will cover the part down low without looking weird while also adding to the bathroom as property improvement.

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I should have added a full wall view. There is a window above the damge. I have added a picture below. Thank you all so much for all your help. (smiles)

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I was thinking along omfg..‘s line of a full-body dressing mirror, but seeing the picture, that really wouldn’t work because of the window. A white wainscotting (~window level paneling) would look nice contrasted with the dark green wall color. But, if you don’t want to make that kind of investment, I agree with sndfreQ that you should just talk to the landlord about repairs. Maybe they or someone you know has a wallpaper steamer you could borrow, that chemical wallpaper remover doesn’t really work well. I couldn’t gauge the depth really well but maybe a magazine rack would fit in that nook.

By the way, another random hint- if you have bleach stains on a tan carpet you can blend in brown shoe polish.. I got my full deposit back on that little trick!

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Sorry boots, can’t see the pictures on my computer.

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@boots74: you have to make the album public for us to see the pictures

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sorry, I am having problems with it. I am trying to fix it.

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ok, I think I fixed it, I hope! Try this:

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The Uffizzi Gallery in Florence and The Barnes Foundation in Phila., hang some of their fine paintings down low. How about framing (gilt, of course) a drawing by your granddaughter and hanging it over the spot?

Or do a d├ęcoupage over the spot and cover w. a little varnish.

Or check out Why Cats Paint and get rich.

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u can paint over it but its not a good idea.

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don’t do it. Just use an enzyme solution to get to the glue like diff

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