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Now that Dragon has issued a voice to text application, can it be used to post on Fluther?

Asked by Buttonstc (27557points) December 11th, 2009 from iPhone

Dragon Dictation has just come out with this new app for iPhone. I saw David Pogue’s demo of it and it’s amazingly simple and accurate. Very impressive. No more dealing with this dingbats keyboard with a mind of it’s own (at least for emails, that is)

However, it isn’t clear whether it could also be used for the text field on Fluther or whether some type of change was necessary in the coding of the site to accompdate this.

Hopefully one of the resident techno genuises or even one of the founders could comment on this.

This iPhone typing has been the bane of my existence so the prospect of freedom excites me greatly.

Hopefully someone can download it from the app store and give it a spin. And unbelievably, it’s also free.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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Here’s how it works: You open the app. You press record. You talk. You press done. You wait for the trascription (which doesn’t take long), and then you check it to make sure it’s correct. After that, you have three options: copy the text, copy the text + open the mail app, or copy the text + open the SMS app. The second and third options are just shortcuts to likely uses. The first option can be used to send the text anywhere via a copy/paste. But even with the “send to mail” and “send to SMS” options, all that’s happening is that it copies the text and then opens the desired app in order for you to paste the text.

Despite the fact that the approach is copy/paste rather than integration into other apps, Dragon Dictation is still pretty fantastic. And it’s free for an allegedly limited time, so I would encourage anyone with an iPhone to download it ASAP even if you don’t think you’ll use it immediately. You will eventually want to use it for something.

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So then you can paste it into the text field in Fluther?

I haven’t updated to 3.1 yet, so I haven’t yet played around with the copy/paste capabilities that were added with the OS update.

But if I can use this for Fluther then that’s all the motivation I need to upgrade.

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You should be able to paste into any text field. I have not used the Fluther app, but I see no reason why it would not work that way.

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