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Can I endorse my husband's check?

Asked by Seek (34709points) December 11th, 2009

I have a personal check written to my husband. I need to put it in the bank now, but he’s at work. Both our names are on the bank account. Can I endorse it and deposit it without him signing the check?

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Write “for deposit only” on the back, make sure the deposit slip has his name on it, and you should be fine.

In my life as a personal assistant, I did this many times for my boss and it worked out.

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Usually. If your just depositing it.

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when you do what @EmpressPixie stated, you will not be able to take cash from that depoist. If you need funds, do a counter check or ATM after the deposit. Once you write “for deposit only” that’s all that can happen…....

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@Skippy Good to know! Thanks.
just trying to keep the account from bouncing. Apparently the hubs’ last beer run was ill-timed.

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Yeah, as long as you’re not asking for cash back, you should be able to deposit it no problem. It’s the one area of banking that they really don’t worry too much about, as you’re just putting money in and it’s hard to be shady about that, provided the check is legit.

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If you do not think he will have you arrested for forgery you can.

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Sure….but tie him to a chair, first.

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Yes, you can. As long as his name is on the bank account it shouldn’t be a problem.

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I have done it with my husband’s account – both our names are on the account as signatories, so either of us can deposit checks made out to either of us. However, if the check is made out to both of us, we both need to sign it.

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I have done it, our signatures are so similar, that it really doesn’t make any difference. I believe if both of your names are on the account, then you should be ok.

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At my bank, it has to be signed even if we write ‘for deposit only’ on it. I forge sign my husband’s name on checks for deposit regularly. (Have to- he travels a lot.) At least his sloppy writing is easy for me to copy. ;-)

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I never have any problem doing it.

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