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If you were to pick any country in the world to move to, which would it be and why?

Asked by pjanaway (3002points) December 11th, 2009

If you were to pick any country in the world to move to, which would it be and why? Have you visited it before, or is your answer based on what you have heard the country is like?

You can’t choose your current country of residence. :)

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I would choose japan because I believe them to be a technological marvel. And I love that sort of thing. Plus the food and culture is awesome.

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New Zealand.. I have a friend that spent a few months riding his bike around both islands. He loved it and I trust his opinion.

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Scotland miss you Scotland

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Ireland! Just from what I have heard about it. It looks beautiful too, so that helps! :-D

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@SoldierAngel Ireland is beautiful. Good choice.

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@anon Thanks, I talk to a guy from there and he wants to get away. It seems that he hates the weather or something. I told him I would gladly trade the heat of south Texas for the almost non-stop rain! :-D

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Austria. It’s so clean!

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australia sob i miss it

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@SoldierAngel The fool! It barely rained while I was there anyway…

I’d also like to move to Iceland; it’s Education is supposed to be top-notch.

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I would travel back to Scandanavia. Sweden to be exact. My Grandmother came to US from there with my Great Grandmother. I have seen pictures and heard many great things about it and the area.

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Mid-ocean at 7 degrees North latitude.

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Italy (the Italian countryside is gorgeous and the food is to die for).

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Japan. Because i’d be at the source of all things Anime, Manga and Hentai. Yep, I am a total weeaboo.

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Either Japan or anywhere in Europe. Probably the United Kingdom, Italy, Sicily, Spain, or France.
I would love to go to Italy or Sicily and find some long lost relatives or ancestors of mine (:
France and Spain is just gorgeous…and the United Kingdom…I don’t really know. I just love British people aha.
Japan is pretty technologically advanced and I love their culture, people and food. It also seems like a pretty clean and cultural place.

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But I don’t really know..I was born and raised (and currently reside) in Hawai’i. Doesn’t seem so special once you’ve been here long enough though.

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Oh, and yes I have been to Japan before and it was very crowded but clean (:
I have also been to Fresno, Santa Maria, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in CA.
Not to mention Taipei, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. But of course I was very little when I have been there so I wouldn’t know if I would like to reside there. I heard Hong Kong had terrible air pollution and the Philippines has a corrupt government.
*sorry for the long responses..I just love this question!

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Maybe Australia – they speak English, and there are warm bits.

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@Darwin – Good choice ;) Best decision of my life ;)

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Ireland – the people are very nice, they speak English, the countryside is beautiful, it’s not too far from the US if i had to travel back to visit.

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This is a difficult one – I suppose that I would choose Northern Ireland, as that is where my family are, and as life draws on, one must consider where to retire and be buried.
However, I would love to live in the Netherlands for a while – so nice and clean and tidy, and easy for cycling. Then again, I would love to live in some parts of Germany – for the scenery, Sweden for the education, south of France for the climate, England for the history, Greece for the ancient history, Scotland on days when I want to be wild and rugged. Basically, as long as I have a nice house, and decent shops within a short distance (but not too far) , a good library, and friendly neighbours, I will be happy.

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I had my eye on Vanuatu until I found out about the mosquitoes.

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I moved to Australia from USA and I love it here. Good government system, good weather, good everything. (Hellish expensive but someone has to pay for the universal health care and non working members of society).

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I’d move to the U.S., specificaly, Washingtong State.. why?
far away from pretty much everything
less polluted
a stabucks everywhere you go
dark, cloudy, rainy and cold like some people I know
I don’t know it feels great to me!

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I haven’t done any research, but I think Sweden would be nice.

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@casheroo If you don’t mind 20 hours of night in the Winter (with a bonus of 20 hours of day in the Summer of course)...

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@anon What?! Okay, I change my mind.

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@casheroo Would make for a great summer home though ;D

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love Australia…the outback!

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