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What's a romantic, moderately priced restaurant in Kansas City?

Asked by eadinad (1278points) February 23rd, 2008

My boy and I are looking for somewhere to go for our anniversary. Any recommendations? We’re looking for something inbetween the smoky bar type and the snooty fine dinin’ type. Extra points if the restaurant is privately owned (eg. not a chain) and keep in mind we’re poor college students.


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P.S. We’re in the Westport/Plaza area.

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If you and your man are comfortable with vegetarian/vegan food, Eden Alley on the plaza is always delicious. (I’m a confirmed meat eater, and I love Eden Alley.) It’s only drawback is that the dining room is pretty open, so it might not quite have the romance factor. (

We’re also big fans of Vietnamese food, and Sung Son on Pennsylvania is a wonderful one in your neighborhood. We always get a lot of food there, and it’s tough to spend more than $30 for two there.

Room 39 is our hands-down favorite restaurant in town, but It’s not cheap for dinner. (Expect $25/entree for dinner.) However, their breakfasts and lunches are wonderful and a bit more reasonable. (

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I’d recommend heading over to downtown and eating at Lidia’s Italian Restaurant. They have great food and it’s romantic. Prices aren’t too bad either.,+MO+64118&fb=1&hl=en&latlng=39087782,-94584898,4567533194483846720&ei=3xbXR_OLMJLYigHM2eBv&cd=1

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