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What is the #1 reason you decided to check out other Q&A sites?

Asked by druebeall (459points) December 11th, 2009

such as too much like yahoo, ect.

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The one I was a member of was closing down.

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the new ab layout sucked

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I sought out another site because Yahoo Answers was appalling.

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they killed AB

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..if I can’t talk…I write…..these sites are great for fun and games…

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I could not contain my Magnanimity.

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I decided to check out other websites because the one I was on (AB) needed a lesson in just who it is that made their site successful. The Users. Sometimes saying nothing speaks louder than all the words in the world.

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When a site stops being user friendly and becomes work, I move on. I’ve done it a few times and may do it again! But I must say that Fluther seems pretty good. I am happy to be here now.

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b/c AB hung itself

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Because none of the QnA sites (like Y!A, Help, etc.) could remember the password I set. It happened 3 times. I just totally gave up on the other ones because whenever I got a new account and closed the window it forgot me. I was trying to find a different QnA site and found Fluther!!! I was and am quite happy.

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The site I was using before (Answerbag) told me they didn’t need me. They have staff to ask the “best” questions, they have staff to answer the “best” answers, they have staff to pick the “best” topics. They have “professionals” to do the research. I am obsolete! Yay!

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Answerbag is about as loyal to it’s users as a bull elephant during the rut. They ran all over us time and again, even as we extended blind faith that they would eventually recognize just who it is that makes that site work. I was there for a year an a half. In that time, the behavior and total disregard I witnessed from staff was unbelievably rude…..if they even cared at all. I won’t bore readers by repeating what I put on my fluther profile, but I will say that, unequivocably, I am done. They held thier users in blatant disregard for the last time. This in-your-face formatting pissed me off to no end. As one reviewer of Answerbag put it, if Answerbag were a bank, they’d be at the top of the list for a bail-out.
I couldn’t agree more.

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I love good Q and A sites and have been a member of at least one since I first discovered the internet. The very first one I was member of was Bolt which had Tagbooks. I loved that site but it closed down a couple of years ago and although it has since reopened it no longer has tagbooks. Since then I have been members of iThink/Minekey on Facebook and When closed down I came here and this is definately the best Q and A site I have participated in so far. I am always willing to check out new sites and if I hear of one I head straight over for a look although I’m not about to leave Fluther.

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Thank you, Leanne! You’re a seasoned veteran, indeed!

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Answerbag had been losing it’s charm for a while due to a variety of factors. However, for a log time, it was the best of a bad lot with plenty of decent people.

I never really looked for another Q&A site though, at least not in the past couple of years. I’ve poked around a bit and found some that suck and none that really have a sense of community at all so I gave up looking. If it weren’t for being referred here, I probably wouldn’t be on any Q&A sites at all right now.

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Well, some of us are VERY glad that you made the move. I was afraid that you weren’t going to be here!

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Phillis, Thanks for the link to .
“Very unprofessional, on numerous levels. ”
Very true & very sad.

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I almost wrote another review but couldn’t figure out how to do so without targeting Lex.

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i am so confused you thanked me regarding my answer… i am so sorry

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Who are you talking to, Icy? I couldn’t find yer icon to retrace the conversation.

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I like to help folks out and I love customer service and I know a great deal that I like to share and I like the humor and heck I just like to anwser questions.
That is why I USED to like Yahoo anwsers and Msn QNA had close down it site and AB well is going though a change.

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