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God/Strategy Games to Check Out?

Asked by richardhenry (12641points) February 23rd, 2008

Is there any God/Strategy games I should check out for the PC or Mac? I’m not a big gamer and I play Command & Conquer: Generals occasionally and enjoy it (I know the graphics are terrible, I’m running a top-end MacBook Pro with Windows/OS X so I can run pretty much anything… and feel I’m underusing it for the games part!). What should I be checking out? Links to any demos I can download? Really anything in the genre. Thanks!

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Well if your into command and conquer I would definitely check out red alert 2 and yuri’s revenge which are by far the greatest rts games out there. Now as far as something to what your question asks for with god/strategy games i recommend checking out both black and white 1 and black and white 2. Just beware they are both highly addictive. Another noteworthy game to check out since you feel you aren’t really using your graphics to its full potential is World in Conflict. Amazing game with some really nice looking graphics to go with it. Enjoy your gaming.

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Sweet, thanks. :-)

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Keep your eye peeled for spore, the best game ever period, at the end of this year.

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@andrew do you know when spore is coming out? i remember hearing about it quite some time ago and following it and then it just kind of disappeared and haven’t heard much for a while.

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Spore is supposed to come out in early September.

Supreme Commander is an innovative real-time strategy game.

Savage is a fun hybrid real-time strategy/first-person shooter.

The Battle for Wesnoth is a good opensource turn-based strategy game.

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check out empire earth 2 and empire earth 3. 3 has an inefficient engine but good graphics, but I think you’ll be able to run it fine. Great games though, addictive and long games. you can go from prehistoric to future ages, or anywhere inbetween you want. Personally, I think ee2 is a lot better.

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Have you also considered Civ IV? Not RTS, but still quite addictive.

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Spore sounds good, especially the iPhone version EA are cooking up :)

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