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What do girls dig in guys (other than being polite)

Asked by udontknowme (58points) December 11th, 2009

I just kind of need ideas like on what to talk about around them, something that would interest them…

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I’m a pretty ugly guy. I get laid because I am funny.

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- Let them talk and actually be interested in what they’re saying. It will go a long way.

- Just be yourself.. if they don’t like you being yourself than you shouldn’t be with them anyway…

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Genuineness. Just being plain down to earth sometimes. It also pays to have a natural sense of humor.

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I found it to be RESPONSIBILITY.

Other than that, I’d have to agree with being genuine, disciplined, and understanding.

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LISTEN! if a guy can hold a conversation with me and actually respond to what I’m saying it’s the best. It doesn’t matter what we’re talking about- girls have something to say about EVERYTHING so chances are all you have to say is “hi, my name is ________”. I love when a guy listens and remembers things that are actually said

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Good fashion sense!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its very important to a lot of girls. Tell her shes pretty/beautiful not hot/sexy.

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GIrls don’t like guys who are polite. They like jerks.

Treat them like dirt, they’ll stick you like mud. :P

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YES, I agree with what @sevenfourteen said.

Talkative, funny, listens… .........I hate jerks. lol

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It depends on the girl. Everything said above is true, be yourself, sense of humor, down to earth. I think you either hit it off with someone or you don’t; it’s hard to force it. Women do like men with some sort of direction in life, but you don’t want to get all serious right off the bat. It also matters where you meet. At a night club, at a friends party, each circumstance sets the tone for conversation. Good idea to let her do some of the talking, generally girls like to talk, but don’t make her carry the entire conversation, none of those awful silent pauses. If you have no idea about what she is talking about, ask a question, seem interested; rather, be interested in what she has to say.

You mentioned being polite, and the little things like holding a door are all good.

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Girls do like jerks but it gets old. Only nice guys finish on top. I like smart guys, funny is also a great quality. Give her plenty of compliments, that always helps

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You should know a little about everything just don’t know it all!!!!:):) And when you have nothing to say just ask a question and listen to her:) Just listen to her:)

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@spontaneous_adjective – No, those are girls with low self-esteem and lots of issues. If that’s who you’ve been trying to attract and are failing, then you need to talk to different types of women.

@men – Don’t whine about how you’re such a “nice guy”. Think of it this way. If you have to tell a woman as opposed to show a woman that you’re a nice guy… eh… you’re probably not such a nice guy. A decent man listens, and yet has his own opinions. He has hobbies and interests and he’s cool with her having her own hobbies and so on. He’s not checking where she is every minute of the day. He treats her with kindness and understanding. He’s not possessive. Girls aren’t cars.

He doesn’t put their private business in the locker room with any “wink wink nudge nudge” stuff.. He doesn’t care whether or not the other guys in his clique find her attractive. He’s not going after a particular girl to impress his buds. He is honest with her about his feelings, and can tell her what those are in a kind way.

In other words, he treats her how he’d like to be treated by her.

That’s what mature, attractive girls dig.

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JP is lying, btw, about the ugly thing. He’s adorable.

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This might also help and be relevant.


I like a guy who’s smart. Not just kind of smart, but really fucking insanely smart. Nerdy guys who build their own helicopters are delicious, for example. That’s the first thing that will get my attention.

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Smile, I like a guy who smiles and is upbeat, and looks at me while I am talking to him.

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@gymnastchick729 Depends on the girl I hate very muscley men, prefer an average build.

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@spontaneous_adjective You must be hanging around some pretty awful girls. I have never treated a girl with anything less than they deserve, and I am in a stable long term relationship with the greatest girl alive. Girls that encourage a relationship based on anything but love and respect all too often end up in abusive relationships, court orders and custody battles.

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I’m hearing the word confidence a lot. I sort of have a ton of it now and reinforced with steel and concrete.

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i enjoy: confidence, the ability to give/receive compliments well, jewish hair, nice arms, a real good sense of humor, positive, interesting, easy to talk to, encouraging…

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I like smart men.

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Rude fuckers.

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Which aspects of intelligence in a man do women find attractive?

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Wit. Make me laugh with something particularly clever and I’ll be helpless.

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It was a sarcastic comment. I’m not a jerk, and my girlfriend is the best thing since sliced bread.

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@spontaneous_adjective Glad to hear it. Usually sarcasm online is accompanied by ~ symbols, since it is difficult to convey tone of voice in written type.

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Being yourself. The whole point of getting someone to know someone is learning all the things you genuinely have in common and the fascinating things you don’t. If you worry to much about impressing someone it takes the fun out it. Relax and don’t try to fake it.


Being well-groomed and paying close attention to good hygiene. And not having a constant potty-mouth. (eg., saying things like “Rude fuckers”)

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