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If a man is not attracted to men, but likes penetration, is he gay?

Asked by Ruki (75points) December 11th, 2009

Well you’ve seen the videos of the woman doing the man. I always wondered what it makes them if they actually don’t find men attractive…

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This questions is…interesting. I don’t think it makes them gay, it’s just a fetish. Being gay means that you are actually attracted to the same sex and fall in love with them.

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I like tobacco. It doesn’t make me a skateboard.

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what have you found to be the case in your experience?

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Plenty of men are straight and still like penetration and prostate stimulation. The two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

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My answer is no, he is not gay.

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Pegging (sigh)...

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@delirium I was just about to mention that, you beat me to it.
The prostate is big part of male sexual stimulation, see this wiki under the heading “Male sexual response.”

I don’t really feel like commenting on the labels aspect of things, as that has terrible potential to get people riled up.

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To rephrase: No. He just likes something to be put up his bum.

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A man is gay if he is attracted to men. If he is attracted to a woman with a sex toy, it doesn’t make him gay, just kinky. :)

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No. Gay means you are sexually attracted to and aroused by men.

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gay means you like the same sex, this is such an odd question

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This is a fine question. I understand why it could be confusing to someone who didn’t know a lot about alternative sex practices and general kink.

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Kink: It’s not for everyone, otherwise it wouldn’t be kink..


Not necessarily. He just likes being penetrated. Lol.

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No, it doesn’t mean that he likes me. It just means he likes to stick his stick wherever he can.

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No, it doesn’t make him gay. The definition of gay is being attracted to someone of the same sex, so if he isn’t sexually attracted to a man, he isn’t gay.

There are plenty of nerve endings “up there”, and it feels good to most men. That’s why he likes penetration.

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depends on whether lube was used. if lube was used, he’s not gay. if lube was not used it a good chance he’s dick cheney.

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I like oral am I a lesbian?

Liking certain sexual acts that are ass -ociated with a gay sexual relationship does not a gay make.

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What @tinyfaery said. Being gay means that you are attracted to the same sex, nothing more. You cannot determine sexuality by preferences for things like penetration. Furthermore, who says all gay men like being penetrated? That’s a ridiculous assumption to make…

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No it doesn’t! =) Being gay is about more than a like of penetration. Actually, being gay doesn’t imply any sort of like for penetration.

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Aw, I thought I was going to get to actually add something to the conversation, but then @DominicX and @Jadey mentioned that not all gay men like penetration. Now all I’ve got to say is I’m pleased to see a lack of “Yes” in the answers!

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Now that I think about it, I read on Savage Love that about a quarter of gay men don’t actually even like penetration. I am pretty sure this doesn’t make them straight, though.

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No, of course not.

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NOT AT ALL. Male penetration has become very popular with straight men

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no. I admit I’ve had a sex toy used on me.It felt hot,but I wouoldn’t want to be with another man. Its just a fetish for me.

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There are two phases of homosesual activity:

Phase One- Sex acts that can be performed by homosexual and heterosexual couples. (toys can be used).

Phase Two- Sex acts that can only be performed by a homosexual couple. (toys cannot be used).

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And just how is “Phase One”, as you call it, homosexual at all? It doesn’t involve sexual attraction to a man at all. It just involves stimulation of the prostate gland, which is a pleasurable area on a man.

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It’s the difference between my kissing another man and going all the way, for example.

Some activity involves anatomy shared by genders. Some activity involves anatomy that isn’t shared.

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No, it’s not. If a guy’s girlfriend stimulates his prostate, it’s NOTHING like him kissing another guy.

That’s like saying if a guy goes down on a girl, that’s Phase One of being a lesbian.

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I’m not suggesting that prostrate stimulation is akin to homosexuality.

Having my prostate stimulated by a another man’s finger is phase one.

Having it stimulated by his penis is phase two.

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This sounds like that old “first base, second base” stuff that is like a thrilling game for teenagers who have never done it before, but not to real grownups that have sex.

Not only that, but it isn’t very pertinent to the question, which asks about neither a man’s finger nor a penis.

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Whoa whoa whoa
I like some penetration and I’m straight! That just means they like penetration!

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I believe my comment is relevant. Did the OP ask if penetration made a man a homosexual or not?

Whether the penetration comes from a woman’s finger or a man’s penis seems quite pertinent to the question IMO.

My comment merely suggests that there might be ‘degrees’ of homosexual acts.

I’m also contributing to the post by asking: ” what makes sex homosexual? is it the the gender of the persons involved in general or their anatomy?

My comments are in no way a criticism of anyones sexuality (in case that explains the plaintive nature of some replies above.

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The question details would seem to specify a “woman doing the man.” Unless she’s using some man’s finger or penis to do it…

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