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when do I harvest the carrots in my garden?

Asked by occ (4176points) February 23rd, 2008

I live in SF. I planted carrots in October, along with some swiss chard and kale. The seed package said it would be 60 days till harvest, but the kale & chard are still very small and definitely not ready even though it has been five months! The carrots, however, I can’t tell—since they are underground. How do I know when it’s time to pull them up?

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Pull one up as a test. And w. all the gorgeous public gardens around, there must be some Master Gardeners to check with. I’ll ask my sister, who has a spectacular garden in season here in the snow belt. We’re still eating carrots from her garden (stored in a root cellar.)

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When they begin to poke above the soil.

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You can reach down into the soil with your fingers and feel the size of the root (carrot) as long as they are there, any size is etible. I usually plant mine in early April and harvest in the fall and store in the frig over the winter, still have some from last fall. Your greens should be big by now, have your soil ph checked maybe it is too acid or too alkaline, you can ammend it to be more neutral, also might need some organic supplementation with compost or aged chicken manure or cow manure. YOu can probably buy these dried and bagged. Definitely start your own compost pile if you haven’t got one yet, the most economical and convenient source of garden supplementation. I am thrilled that you are having a garden and hope Benjamin in helping you with it. Aunt Leslie

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