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Where can I get free sheet music?

Asked by rentluva5256 (555points) December 11th, 2009

I need music to “Carmen Fantasy” for a clarinet. But I need it for free. Can anyone help?

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Cheapskate. The people spent time and money and talent writing music. Shell out a few bucks in a music store.

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im sry zen again. :(

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@rentluva5256 If you dont use the @ we won’t know you are referring to us – and it won’t show up in our inbox. Use the @ then name.

Some people make their living from writing music.

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i no, @Zen_Again I admire composers just as much as you probably do. I just needed something to play.

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I am one. Unknown as yet, but one nevertheless. And you had money for that diet coke and marlboro lite – and time to spend on fluther which you could’ve been doing work.

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But Bach is dead! He cannot benefit from any profits from selling his music today.

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I think SheetMusicPlus.Com might have some free music.

it’s only a few dollars, just pay for the thing; writing music is ridiculously difficult.

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You could try
This site may be able to help.

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imslp has oodles and oodles of free sheet music. They have a piano transcription, but you could transcribe it for clarinet. While doing that, keep in mind that the clarinet is a transposing instrument, and usually when people play a “C” on their clarinet, it comes out sounding like a B flat.,_Georges)

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For beginner and amateur musicians, there are many online websites offering free sheet music. But once you begin to visit these sites, you will find that many of them are thinly disguised search portals with broken links or front-ends to lure you into purchasing something related to music. I did find this website Musicforte and they are actually free. I hope you find what you are looking for.

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