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Could a pacifist like Gabrielle defeat someone like Xena, who evidentally has much more skills in battle?

Asked by Berserker (33524points) December 11th, 2009

I’m thinking they probbaly did fight at one point or another…while I’ve seen plenty of the shows, I still managed to miss quite a lot, especially the end season…but you know, a decisive fight to the DEATH! Woo. >_>
Who do you think would win? By all rights Xena probably would, what with her insane dexterity and mad skillz +5…but somehow, despite living by a pacifist philosophy, I always thought that Gabrielle was a hell of a lot more brutal than Xena actually was…since Xena also refuses to take a life, she usually resorts to martial arts and uses her sword mainly to deflect blows, so perhaps Gabby using a blunt weapon makes her seem more aggressive…but it’s not just that, in my opinion. The staff was awesome, but she was just as violent with the sais, while Xena always just seemed quite methodical, despite all the badass faces she always does.
Enough rambling however…who wins? Joxer maybe?

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Gabrielle would win and here’s why I think that. First of all Xena cares very much about Gabrielle, some would even say loves her, and would not willingly hurt her in any way. While I think Gabrielle also loves Xena, I also think that Gabrielle regards Xena as being much tougher and more skilful, so I think Gabrielle would be more willing to fight with her full strength whereas I think Xena would hold back and pull her blows.

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There is no way Gabrielle would win. While Xena might hold back, being aware of her combat superiority, her defence would nevertheless be impeccable. Gabrielle would go all out and be exhausted pretty quickly trying to land a blow. In the end, she would be tumbling around and that is when Xena gives her the final blow.

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What kind of fight is this?

A No Strings Attached Fight
Where they would go all out just for the fun, Not caring if they hurt each other (Lets say theres magical healing after the fight so they can go their full potential without permanently hurting each other) This way, Xena would win cuz she wouldn’t hold back and is clearly more stronger and Badass.

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