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I submerged my clay pot in water for 30 minutes, then oven-baked vegetables in it for 45 minutes at 450; when I took it out it cracked ...what did I do wrong?

Asked by acc639 (40points) February 24th, 2008
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You cooked in a clay pot.

No seriously, bakingware is of a very different composition. Outdoor clay pits are meant to be porous – the steam expanded and broke the pot. I’m surprised it didn’t shatter!

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that SUCKS.

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Well, that makes sense. I made two batches. When I took the first batch out, I didn’t realize the power of clay heat, so I took the top off and very badly burned my hand from the steam. I put a second batch into the oven and all seemed to be fine. THen a few minutes after I took the second batch out, I heard the cracking sound. So please tell me what to do? I soaked the clay pot in cold water before and I put it in a cold oven and only then turned the heat up to 450. What should I do differently when I buy a new clay cooker? The taste of vegetables in a clay cooker is so amazing.

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Is this a clay cooker meant to be used in the oven or a clay gardening pot?

If it’s the former, check the manufacturer’s web site for usage instructions.

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Don’t know anything about clay pot cooking. But I got interested, because of the question, and found these links.

It may be you made the second batch too soon. It appears to be very important to put the pot in a cold oven. Looks like something I might like to try thanks for the question.

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I am a chinese. In my country we don’t use oven to cook, but we use clay pot too.If the clay pot is a new one, you should use it to burn some water on gas burner.Andthen let it cool slowly.After that the clay pot will not crack easily. And everytime you finish useing your clay pot, don’t put it on any cold thing.

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