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What do you think HAARP is being used for?

Asked by butterflykisses (1376points) December 12th, 2009

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. Some say it can change the weather, can control the mind, is a weapon, or a destroyer of the world. What is your understanding/opinion of it?

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Oh, no, not another conspiracy theorist.

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LOL My dad hit me with this FIRST thing this morning…sooooo I just had to share…LOL =D

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I believe it is part of the imepetus for the bill (which died in committee) referenced in the link above.

@Marina, you say that like it’s a bad thing. ;-)

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Had not heard of it before, but after a quick Google search, I think what it is about mostly is “we don’t really know crap of this part of the world, why don’t we go and see if we could use it for something”. It does not look like they have a specific target something at mind this point yet.

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Oh man, it’s totally contaminating our water supply!!!
Luckily, air sylphs nom on the chem trails to save us.~

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It’s probably just another tricky way for someone to convince the government to send huge amounts of money in their direction. Projects of this type only have to appeal to the politicians sense of ‘doing something’ to get taxpayer support.

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The Count of Saint Germaine uses it as his latest life-extension gadget, having dropped that whole Nikola Tesla persona back in the 40s.

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