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How many people are on Fluther now, instead of doing things they need to do?

Asked by ccrow (8072points) December 12th, 2009

Especially in holiday season, when so many are in manic mode… are you procrastinating? Avoiding chores? Be honest!! :-D

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I don’t have anything to do right now-for once. Not until this evening when I gotta go to work, bah.

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Me, Just snooping around checking the place out. Im one of the many who made the exodus
from Answerbag.

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avoiding laundry, bills, and other miscellaneous chores

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I should be studying, as usual, and the house is extraordinarily messy today, even by my lax standards. Oh, well.

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This is what I need to be doing.

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Oh my yes!! I have so much I should be doing!! PT can just wait!! =P

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even though i have a cleaning lady, i need to organize some stuff. i need to do laundry. i need to write out christmas cards. i want to go out and get a cup of coffee and a bagel. i spend more time on internet than i would like to admit. i can only hope that 30 years from now i don’t look bag on this time period and say “i spent so much of my life on the computer.”

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Should be wrapping Christmas gifts, writing a paper, feeding the horses and fainting goats, firing up the tractor to move all this snow off our driveway, and doing laundry. But it is early Saturday morning where I live, I’ve put in a long week, and I’m just going to sit here in my bed, drinking great coffee, and Fluthering for the next hour or so. Great way to start a day!

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Like @pdworkin , I’m ignoring my extraordinarily messy house. There’s laundry to do, bathrooms to clean, a rabbit cage that needs some attention, surfaces to dust, and floors to sweep and mop. Ugh. Now I’m off to at least fold some laundry. We’ll see how many things I can manage to put off until tomorrow. Or Monday. :)

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Just chillin, popping in and out as it were. I kinda work from home so it’s easy to be distracted here.
I was gonna procrastinate today but tommorow seems better for me…............

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I am completely avoiding getting myself and the kids dressed so that we can go to the museum – first of all I feel sick and second of all it’s freezing outside so I’m procrastinating

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I actually have nothing that I really need to do. Well, I could take a shower, since I haven’t had one it several days. Oh, and I have finals next week, so perhaps I should study . . .

Well, as long as I admit I’m wasting time here, I don’t feel bad about it.

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Moi, but I did clean the bathrooms first today so I am feeling quite virtuous.

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i just woke up.i’m still trying to get used to this site so i’m here navigating and learning far i dig it.

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As a raging alcoholic I should be pouring booze down my throat right now but Fluther has once again pulled me back from the brink.

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WRAPPING presents!!

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I’m avoiding applying to Ph.D programs. Whoops! I should get on that. Deadline’s in a month or so… :) Also cleaning my bedroom and doing dishes. And maybe some laundry.

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But I got nowhere else to go!!!!!!!!! And nothing else to do on a rainy Saturday morning.

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I should be shoveling snow or cleaning my house, but…...........

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Studying, making ornaments, getting a gift for a certain person (it was due we’re the ornaments. I don’t know why in hell I signed up for this).
But, I’m fluthering. I need to fluther to get my brain moving, then I can do other things, lol.

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Well, I certainly can’t clean my house with a cup of coffee in my hand, now can I?

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Now I got my bathrooms cleaned and the dusting done so I can Fluther with impunity until I have to start cooking.

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my “we’re” should be were. ugh, how embarrassing.

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I should be blow drying my hair for a party tonight, but instead I am sitting here in a robe with wet hair.

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That would be me…I should be cleaning the kitchen but stuff that.

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WEll it’s laundry day today and I got a mountain of ironing to do…............but these questions aint gonna answer themselves are they? lol

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