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How Clean is your house.. and be honest..:O)

Asked by kitiara (300points) December 12th, 2009

.. don’t you find its an endless cycle?

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Clean enough to be hygenic and dirty enough to be happy.

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VERY!! I love my maid..; )

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My house is spic and span. It’s actually frightening, I’m obsessed.

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If someone were to unexpectedly drop by to pay us a visit, I’d be horrified. I’m just about to get started on some housework though, so by this afternoon I should have a different answer here. Or not, depending on how distracted I get and how many opportunities to procrastinate I can find. At least my husband is home today, and he is actually very helpful around the house. As soon as he’s out of the shower, I’m going to put him to work and tell the kids they can’t come out of their rooms until the rooms are clean.

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My house is very clean but a wee teeny bit untidy sometimes, but I live here, it’s not a show-house, I have kids and grand-kids!
The only thing I am a little anal about is doing up the dishes after a meal. I hate seeing dirty dishes! lol

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My kitchen is immaculate, as are the bathrooms. The rest of the house, well…let’s just say, I think about it a lot.

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It’s not horrendous but it certainly is disorganized – I have two small kids and toys are everywhere – we also have a lot of hobbies so tracing paper, scraps of wool, guitars, tango shoes, yoga mats, etc. are everywhere too…we have cats so cat hair is everywhere and my husband likes to build things so pieces or wood are everywhere…my oldest’s room I keep clean, though

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My bedroom has dirty laundry spilling out its bin, my living room floor is covered in Christmas presents and wrapping paper (we only buy for the nieces and grandkids, but there are a ton of them), and I just discovered that our den has boxes of shot gun shells an empty gun case, and a bunch of winter hunting garb on the floor (my husband left early this morning to go pheasant hunting for the day). The dining room table has mail all over it. The bathroom and kitchen are fine. Can’t say it is clean by any means, but it isn’t disgusting!

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@juwhite1 .. do you know in the UK, you get a year for each shotgun shell the cops find in your house lol

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It’s pretty bad. Not clean at all. My bedroom is the worst. I don’t even know how to properly describe it. Sometimes I find things in here that I haven’t seen in over five years.

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A total mess right now…have you ever attempted to keep a puppy away from a Christmas tree? What was I thinking?

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Oh yes its clean!

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@kitiara – Yes… and in many other countries as well. I’m sure they’d really love to find my hollow point bullets for my .38 revolver! They do a lot more damage than a shot gun shell!
I love shooting my rifles, revolver, and compound bow for target practicing. Focusing that much is very relaxing and helps clear my mind of everything else. It is one of the advantages of living in the wild west and owning enough land to be able to safely shoot whenever I feel like it! Still, if I lived somewhere where owning guns was illegal, I’m sure I’d find some other way to relax and my house would be cleaner!

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My house is immaculate. no don’t look over there Floors clean enough to do surgery on. no seriously, don’t look at the carpet Windows that sparkle with the light of a thousand diamonds! okay look, just close your eyes and roll with me here

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The dust bunnies under my bed are doing the conga.

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An unholy, terrifying, embarrassing mess. There is no way for anyone no guess the actual color of the hall carpet, since I have not removed the protective coating of dog hair for a very long time.

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About 60% clean but it is too cluttered for my liking. Something on my “To Do” list, which never seems to get done.

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@pdworkin Um, yes, that’s what mine is too, protective dog hair coating.

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My house is clean, but turned upside down at the moment…my daughter had 2 girlfriends spend the night last night, so my livingroom is torn apart…and my granddaughter decorated Christmas cookies yesterday, so there’s candies all over my floor.

I only have two hands, and when they’re not working, they’re usually typing :D…I’ll get to it, when I get to it….

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It will be cleaner by the end of today as long as I stop Fluthering. Today is housecleaning day chez moi since my kids are coming home next week.

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i usually declare bachelors’s not uh, that clean.instead of a dining room i have a bicycle repair stand where i repair and maintain my “fleet” of bicycles.i don’t care that much about’s not that important to me.

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I’m a clean “nut” guess.

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Not terrible, but with 3 kids, it’s constantly trashed, I personally like my house clean.

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Laundry is done, bathrooms are clean. Just don’t look at the floors in the rest of the house, and the place looks decent now!

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Messy but not filthy.

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I do love a clean house but I have yet to do anything so far today as its Saturday and I kinda wanna be lazy. Its a bit untidy but not bad. I will clean up later though.

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it’s clean enough, if someone stops by i dont feel uncomfortable, theres nothing on the floor that doesnt belong there, everything has a home and it’s in the home. i am_ very _uptight about cleaning the dishes after using them, thats one thing that gets to me instantly…

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Yes, endless!

Thank goodness my house is rather large and there are rooms that are rarely used at the front. So initially everything looks very tidy and perfect.

But, my family room has several blankets on the furniture since it is wintertime, and some paperwork sitting on an end table.

My kitchen at times has dishes sitting in the sink for several hours, so it matters when you pop in whether the kitchen is clean or not. However, I am generally very clean, just not tidy. I’d rather clean a bathroom than put my laundry away in my dresser drawers. There is always some paperwork sitting on the kitchen desk area, which drives my husband crazy.

My office is almost always a mess. Stacks of papers and magazines. I rarely have everything put away in there, but important paperwork is efficiently filed away and organized.

My bed is typically not made. I probably make it twice a week.

My Master Bathroom frequently has hair spray and some other products on the counter (which I hate, but can’t seem to put everything away) and sometimes we throw dirty clothes on the steps in front of the bathtub, but they don’t stay there more then a few hours; well sometimes overnight, but first thing in the morning it would all make it to the laundry room.

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@JLeslie .. wow i want to move to your house it sounds enormous lol .. and by the sounds of it you do a great job of keeping it clean.. dishes in the sink a few hours, oh my, well i live alone and have a dishwasher which..erm.. i empty occasionally.. and my laundry gets done, when my basket is full ..proberbley once a week lol..:O)

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@kitiara Not enourmous, just have a couple of “formal” spaces like the dining room (which by the way is sometimes the place I fold my laundry, so at times there is layndry ysitting in there) and living room that are mostly ignored. I actually want to downsize.

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@JLeslie .. why whole flat.. (apartment im in the uk).. has 4 rooms about 12 feet sq. lol .. i cant imagine imagine the work it must take to keep on top of it… well done you… :O)

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I’m happy to report that my house is much cleaner today. I even moved the living room furniture when I swept. Also, the hall carpet got completely cleaned this morning, thanks to a vomiting incident late last night. Kids are such a joy.

Of course, by tomorrow everything will look like it did before I did so much cleaning, which will discourage me from making so much effort until I can’t put it off any longer.

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Our house is very clean. It’s only my husband and I who live there so it’s not hard to keep up with it. I especially concentrate on keeping the kitchen and bathrooms spotless.

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At the moment it is virtually empty because we are getting ready to lay a timber floor, under normal circumstances it is organised chaos though. We are all busy people and as long as the place is clean, who cares if it’s a bit messay so it is not spotless, but not unhygienic. I have a sign that mirrors @Velvetinenut‘s point. My house is clean enough to be hygienic and dirty enough to be happy.

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