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What's a good name for a web site about aging and health?

Asked by pallen123 (1514points) December 12th, 2009

My wife is a geriatrician and she wants to create an informational website with articles and videos on aging health—with info about medication management, tips, diet, etc. Having a hard time coming up with a site domain name, or name for site, that doesn’t sound negative or depressing—in other words, one that doesn’t over-emphasize the words/concept of “getting old” and eventually dying. Any creative, more positive sounding suggestions? Thanks!

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Baby Boomers Healthier Living

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I’d focus on long life, living well, etc. (the goal of her site) rather than the aging condition that is driving people to her site.

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Forever Young. [I am not young, but that is the way I will always feel, even when I am 100!]. “For the Young at Heart” or just “Young at Heart”

PandoraBoxx's avatar is a successful site, and the program is very popular with its target audience.

As your wife defined who the primary audience for the site is? Is it for her patient demographic, or is it/should it be targeted to their families? These are very different audiences and would have different naming, branding, copy direction, etc.

When you try to be all things to all people, it rarely works out unless you’re like WebMD and lots of resources to throw at it. How many effort hours does she plan to devote to the site each week? Will it be original content or links to other materials, or will her practice hire an individual to manage the site?

Before you think about naming, think about who the target audience is, and what the specific value add the information will offer. “People who are aging and their families” is too broad. “Information about the aging process” is, again, too broad. There is a lot of content out there that meets this criteria. Think hard about the desired outcome of having the page.

If part of the goal is “find the office location and the hours” that’s a great reason, and the name of the site should be the name of the practice. Naming does not have to be cleaver. It does have to be memorable.

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Healthy Senescence

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Wrinkles, make sure you wash them or you will get a rash:)

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RIP_Goofus (a takeoff on the old Goofus and Gallant in Highlights magazine… and don’t tell me you don’t remember that)

GrayDoBees (no, not ‘doobies’ ... but maybe. Surely I’m not the only old folk here who remembers Romper Room)

NewTricks (for Old Dogs)



SilverSurfers (this should be obvious)

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ActiveAdult (similar to the communities in FL)







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Live Long and Prosper

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I don’t like “Silver” or “Old” or “Blue Plate Special” or “Now I’m Old, I’m So Cute”...I find that maddening. And please… more “Senior” anything…that’s degrading, in my book.

Lots of “seniors” now are boomers….and if you were busy smoking doobies at Woodstock, you don’t want to be considered a “senior.” Rod Stewart and Paul McCartney are “seniors” so is Tina Turner….please think of these guys when deciding to name your website… one is ready for the grave, yet.

In traditional cultures, when you get old….you are considered WISE and you are consulted for your wisdom… elder of the clan is someone who is respected.

Hence the names I suggest… gimmicky crap…how about something honorable and respectful for our elders?

And, I hope that your wife will also post holistic treatments/alternative therapies for seniors, too…not just medications fuelled by big pharma. Preventative care is so important, and taking supplements and exercise is key. But it’s just easier for a lot of doctors who are in the pockets of big pharma to just continue to give out drugs as candy. It’s easier than really taking the time to know a patient and what other alternatives may be available. I point to the work of Andrew Weil, MD and Christiane Northrup, MD…both allopathic doctors who have found alternatives that work. This website has great potential if the wave of the future is heeded…and that’s not drugging the masses.

Sorry, but my mother and my aunt are both dying at the moment….one addicted to drugs an incompetent doctor has prescribed (that’s correct——small town and no one will out the guy) and another to chemotherapy (when she was doing fine on a non-allopathic formula that was reducing her tumors and killing her cancer.) But Medicare/Medicaid makes more money shooting her with chemo, right? That’s correct. She was so hopeful and positive when the cancer was being arrested naturally, now she is doped up on morphine and yesterday was told she could go “any day now.” There is something very wrong with this picture.

Why can’t seniors be taught to LIVE and be supported in LIVING not dying?

I’m a little raw on the subject…...apologies…but best of luck on the project. I hope you will consider one of the options.

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@pallen123….And by the way….in no way did I mean to imply that your wife was someone who was not sterling in her character and in her treatment of patients. She is probably one of the stellar ones who truly cares. Certainly appears so, if she is setting up this site.

Just to clarify=== I have known some fantastic doctors too….they just are not treating my mother nor my aunt at the moment which is unfortunate.

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