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What is the ugliest part of your body?

Asked by Sir_Mikey (324points) December 12th, 2009

ugliest body part!

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The cellulite on the backs of my thighs. Welcome to Fluther!

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Where to start????
I guess I’ll pick my butt.
Wait a minute….That didn’t come out right.
umm….. oh never mind….
It’s my butt okay. That big thing that follows me no matter where I go or how fast I run.

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My ex-wife.

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that’s hard, so much to pick from, hmmmm… okay, i’ll go with my elbows, they are pointy and not soft at all…

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My feet. My toes are crazy long!

lovablelion's avatar

My feet!! They r always stinky!

Jude's avatar

The male twig and berries.

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Sometimes its the face that’s looking at it.

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

My left kidney. So ugly, not like the pretty one on the right.

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@jmah: Lesbo. ;) <3

SirGoofy's avatar

My intestines.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities – guess I know which one you’ll be donating then, right? I mean left? LOL
funny guy!

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Interesting to see how all the guys picked intestinal parts and the women actually have things about themselves they don’t like. What a world we live in. Guys are so well adjusted with their bodies.

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@dani6119 Women ‘s bodies are overall much much aesthetically better to look at than us guys. We have no ‘curves’.

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Some say your nose, some say your toes, but I think it’s your mind. —Zappa

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My uvula.

It’s a fucking mess man.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

My face. It’s ugliness was enhanced by shrapnel in 1991.

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@Blondesjon I totally read that as “vulva” at first…

Blondesjon's avatar

@MacBean . . . you totally would. . .perv

and i have an amazing vulva, thank you very much

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My boobs. I have moobs. I’m a girl.

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@sliceswiththings – What are moobs? Made me think of a cow’s teat, but not sure what that means.

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I had to have reconstructive surgery on one of my boobs, and now I don’t have a matched set! My husband SAYS he likes them both, but he definitely has a favorite, and it isn’t the original!

jbfletcherfan's avatar

My stomach. Wish I could trim it down. :-(

filmfann's avatar

I miss having hair.

proXXi's avatar

My mind.

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I’ll have to go with my mouth/teeth . I neeed serious dental work; but can’t afford it at this time.

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The only part I haven’t seen. And I hope I never do.

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My stomach….sigh…..because I have several large scars from surgeries. I’m very self conscious of them. :^(

faye's avatar

Big belly. Some days it seems like a separate entity.

aprilsimnel's avatar

A big dark round scar from when I popped a painful zit on my right cheek. That sucker was deep. :(

Don’t pick your zits, kids!

JustPlainBarb's avatar

My hands. I do not have very feminine hands. Oh well, I enjoy working outside and can’t always keep them as “lovely” as I’d like!

curlysue's avatar

My stomach ugly stretch marks and way too much of it.

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my tonsils.. i have none! i feel soo naked.
no really, i like everything about myself…i don’t see why women always nitpick at small things about themselveses! you are all beautiful!!!

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The entire outer layer of skin covering.

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My thunder thighs, oh god i wish they were gone.

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Jeez, and now I just read @filmfann‘s “I miss having hair.” as “I have missing hair.” Which, apparently, he does, but still… My eyes aren’t the ugliest part of my body but I think they’re one of the least functional at the moment!

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The whole of me, I have serious self image issues

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The same as my most beautiful part. My brain. It never shuts down and is always processing to find answer to things that may not have any. It supposedly had high values morals, but holds people accountable for their actions and is not very forgiving. q:)

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It used to be my feet. They are wide and I have short toes. Flintsone feet.

Now it has to be my belly. The skin is not tight after significant weight loss. It’s not floppy, but it is loose and wrinkly.

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@demorgans and any others who talk about scars and marks.
My wife has two large scars, one on each breast as a reult of two surgeries. And they don’t make her look ugly at all.
Please don’t be concious of scars and marks.
Beauty is not skin deep, it’s much, much deeper. It’s the inner you that matters at all times.

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Great answer. Your wife should be #1!

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@wiseone you are well named. Welcome to fluther.Lurve.

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According to Frank Zappa, its your mind! I agree completely.

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My dry feet. I’m going to go cry now.:(

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@Pandora – Don’t cry. Just start working on them. Every night before you go to bed, put lotion on them and then wear socks to bed. Try to keep your shoes on during the day because that keeps them from drying out. Use different things to take the dry skin off, a loofah, or other things sold for that purpose and soak them in bath oil and warm water every once in a while. Since most of us take showers the most, our skin doesn’t get the good soaking it used to in the bath. Grab a bucket and soak them good.

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