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What is in your attic?

Asked by gradyjones (1238points) December 12th, 2009

In my attic there are Christmas decorations and old exercise equipment. What kind of stuff do you keep in yours?

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A neighbor.

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me! I live in a large finished attic apartment… sans kitchen, but three rooms and a bathroom.

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Our only attic is our barn attic.
So that means..dead mice, bugs, old saddles, and just stuff.

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That’s easy. I don’t have one. It amazes me to see what I can live without.

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That’s where I grow my pot.

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Don’t have an attic. Do have a basement. It is full of seasonal decorations in boxes, items that belonged to my husband’s late wife, and things we rarely use but don’t want to get rid of. Also a few cobwebs here and there. Most interestingly, our well is actually in the basement… who the hell builds their house on top of their well???

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my ‘attic’ is actually a storage room in the back part of the house. Filled with spare parts for a zillion things, trunks of things that are better thrown away.

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@Axemusica Heyyyyy buddyyyyyyyyyy..

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People I kidnapped.

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I try to stay out as much as possible. It doesn’t have much room or a floor. My last trip up was an entire day on my stomach running electrical wires for Recessed lights. I Climbed around Antique trains, Christmas decorations, and my kids baby cribs.

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I have one important rule now; if I bring something new (rare event) into the house, two items have to go. Transfer station, kindling for stove, clothing drives, consignment shop, gifts to friends, compost pile, leave-on-curb for someone, used book store.

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I have an attic, but it’s just used for what attics are intended for (keeping the house cool in the summer), the opening to it is only big enough to squeeze yourself through arms first, so we haven’t started storing things up there yet =)

Basement on the other hand… junk, workshop, etc.

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I’m afraid to look! LOL!!!

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Nuffin because there isn’t one.

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Way too much crap. Lots of baby toys, decorations for all holidays, way too many bins of clothes. (not all my stuff, my parents as well)

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Two sleeping bags hers and mine.

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this house is at least a 100 yrs old with the attic being a crawl space. I have never looked up there before, so probably home to some spiders.

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I don’t have an attic, but if I did, it would be full of dead people.

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While growing up, I used our attic, filed with everything imaginable, and accessable only by a pull-down stair case, as a play room, hiding place and rummage shop.

There was nothing I couldn’t find (including two long braids of my hair that my mother cut off. My father rescued it from the waste basket and put it in a tie box).

I used to wonder whether the first Mrs. Rochester was chained up in a dark corner.

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@juwhite1, do you know what’s in the boxes from your husband’s late wife? Is this weird for you, or is it just accepted?

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A giant antenna for bringing in those non existent radio signals:) Thanks Grady, you are my bud:)

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@Sir_Mikey It would probably make a good clothesline :)

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High healed shoes. ;)

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@liliesndaisies: Flutherer, heal thyself. (High-heeled)

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