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What's new to you?

Asked by Reptar (512points) December 12th, 2009

I want to know your latest, what are you just leaning? Are you diving in to any new waters? How does it feel being wet again?

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Just started learning French!

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i’m knitting a hat!

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I’m learing latin on my own, and working with a microscope for bio.

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I’m learning to play guitar…....It’s much harder than I thought it would be and now I respect musicians on a whole different level

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Cooking! I have my first kitchen this semester.

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Teaching myself to play the guitar.

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Fluther is new to me.i’m learning as fast as i can.

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Opposum wrangling.

Our basement has been invaded on several occasions these past few months, and after several attempts to chase them out or prod them into containers, I finally just started grabbing them by the tail and escorting them out bouncer-style. It was a bit unnerving for both me and the opposums at first, but I’ve now made my peace with it, even if the opposums haven’t.

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Ooh! >shudders< Possums are the only animals I don’t feel sorry for when I see them ‘napping’ beside the road. They’re like little reptiles in a rat’s body! (Apologies to the rats & the reptiles!)

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The elevator hack previously mentioned.

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i am still annoyed by my questions getting deleted. because they “are better suited in the chat room” we all have to cope i guess… i have no questions on here because of this.

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This website. Different rules I can deal with and its fucking awesome that I can curse.

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My refrigerator/freezer broke and I got ripped off by a repairman . Paid him $100 and the freezer still won’t freeze.
So; I’ve been searching for another one… comparing prices etc .

Then; FLUTHER is new to me , joined last night . I’ve caused the mods a few headaches; and I apologize . Hope to do better as I learn my way around .

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Hi Reptar! Fluther is new to me! Nice to see you here my friend.

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A new grey hair.

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Fluther and a new love interest:)

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Tonight I will be sexing hamsters. This is a new thing for me. I swear it is.

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This all is new.

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Well, there are a few things.

Fluther is new to me. I just came from Answerbag.

Being a mother is new to me. I have a two month old baby girl, and I’m learning how to deal with a newborn 24/7 and adapting by changing my life to meet her needs.

I’m new (again) to this not working stuff. I’ve been working for AT&T for almost two years now (longest I’ve ever held a job), and now I’m taking advantage of my year-long Care Of A Newborn LOA.

I’m new at being as poor as I am right now. If I went back to work my entire paycheck would be spent on daycare anyway, so me and my s/o feel that it’s better if I just stay home to raise her myself. Problem is, her father is on social security disability, so I have to wait for social security to process her into the system before I start getting any kind of checks for her (since her daddy doesn’t work and can’t pay child support).. and my s/o’s paycheck simply covers the bills. Thank god for WIC, which provides us with all the formula she needs plus some basic foodstuffs for us (milk, cheese, etc).. but right now I have $3 to my name, and $260 saved for this month’s rent of $650.

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This website. It’s only my second day here. I’m still learning, and still screwing up, I’m sure.

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I’m learning how to stay sane during this ridiculous migration of new people.

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College! I am 2 weeks into school and its been 15 yrs since I last sat in a classroom. My brain has turned to mush but I’m enjoying the classes :)

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This site, I suppose anything bests answerbag right now. :)

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I went braless and pantiless today for the first time in public in 20 years. And, I still got some admiring looks.

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