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Would you be more relaxed if you did your work from home?

Asked by Zacky (793points) December 12th, 2009

A job can be very stressful for everyone. Makes sense that a person can work from home to rid themselves of that stress.

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No. The lack of face to face social interactions would make me go a bit loopy. I hire a lot of people who have the option of either working at home or working in our office. You’d be surprised how many of them either refuse to work from home, or try it out, then come back. Others really love it, but the majority prefer working in our office.

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Many people also experience a much more difficult time creating a work-life balance when work is at home. They can never get away from it. I like my home to be an oasis where I don’t have to think about work.

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Too relaxed. I’d never get anything done.

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I think I would be relaxed, but I would be too distracted. I don’t think I would get anything done.

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I would be way way way more relaxed if someone else did my work from home. Naturally, I’ll continue to pick up the checks, though, right?

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Yes, no morning commute and spend more time with my dog that sounds like heaven to me

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I worked from home for a little while and I couldn’t handle it. I was always distracted, could never focus on getting anything done, and I didn’t really leave my house. I like getting up and leaving my house. Without going to work, life would be much more mundane.

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I’d be more relaxed but I’d miss the intellectual stimulation and camaraderie of colleagues.

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No, I like being out of the house. If I had to stay home I would go stir crazy! Especially with the kids! They need to be out in the fresh air, at the parks, libraries, museums, etc. So I love working outside my house.

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i am a big procrastinator so i know that i would never do the work. it would be very hard for me to get on a schedule and keep to it. even at work i procrastinate but i have the ability to work well under pressure so i can fuck around and then work my butt off and get stuff done in time. at home, even on my days off, when i need to do laundry or organize stuff or do whatever, i spend half the day on the computer, on the phone, reading magazines, watching tv.

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I feel if I worked from home I could never put myself fully in the working mentality. And I could never “leave work at work”. The problem this causes is I could never relax, I would perpetually feel tense, whiich isn’t good for one physically or mentally. Also I would start to feel “cooped up”. If I don’t spend time outside the house everyday I start to feel like I’m in an isane asylum.

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that’s what I’m aiming for…

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Ideal situation for me. I had a studio before I moved away, and in the arts I think it is a situation where you never stop working anyways. The most important thing is making a distinct space where you keep your work, and to not let if float through the house.

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You mean instead of having a sofa in my office. A staff that does everything I need done.

A kitchen with food and drink, and when my office door is closed. Do not wake me?

I do not know. It is good to get out of the house. :-)

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I would avoid over two hours per day of commuting but my profession requires millions of dollars worth of laboratory equipment, not feasible. Retirement and a new home-based career are less than two years away though.

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It work be nice to be able to work without distractions but I’d miss being able to interact with all the dogs.

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I would be more relaxed if I worked from home…a little too relaxed….and lacking motivation.

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No. I’ve done it before and the stress felt like more than less since I was self conscious due to other people watching my results more carefully. I ended up working more hours than if I’d gone into the store and I was starting to feel taken advantage of. When I had a business and work studio, the stress was still high because all we did was work, all bits of our awake hours just blended into one foucs revolving around the business.

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Im a stay at home mom and I love being at home. I’ve done this for 13 yrs now. But my youngest started kindergarten this year and I went back to school myself too.

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I would like to work outside instead of working at home ,beause i get to know the people at work and i am more expose outside world.

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I’m a homemaker by “profession” so all my work is done at home. I am also a crafter, so much of the work I do is actually fun.

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I would love to work from home.. deffinatly would remove the time spent on travel.. but.. the bad thing – i’d MOST likely become a total slob.. not that I have anything against slobs :).

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I choose to work out of my house instead of working for a firm doing the same thing. Its just easier

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