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tooth pain diagnosis?

Asked by toothpain (5points) January 1st, 2007
I have been experiencing pain near my upper tooth (number 13+14, near the back). Even though the tooth and gum area is the epicenter of the pain, I can feel it in my head and sinuses as well. The pain is limited to the left side of the face and my vision becomes blurry in my left eye. I have been to the dentist office four times since my first tooth ache and they haven't been able to solve the problem. They identified weak enamel and covered it with fillings. All the X-rays show no other weak spots, cracks, or problem areas. They now suggest I see a root canal specialist. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Are there any tests I should request or pointed questions I should ask my dentist or doctor?
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I asked my father who is a doctor and he said you might want to see a neurologist because the problem might be migraine's and actually have nothing to do with the tooth
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I second this. Definitely see a neurolgist and get an MRI (if they recommend). I don't want to scare you, but it's good to rule out anything really bad immediately. I had tingling on the left side of my face (that started right after I went to the dentist), and tingling in my teeth/gum area, and I ignored it for a long time. It turned out to be a benign brain tumor. I'm fine now, but the sooner they find it the better.
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Sounds really frightening and requires better MDS. 4 trips to dentist w/o results does not inspire confidence in dentist. I have no suggestions, but do keep us posted. One of my nieces had a benign brain tumor that had some initial tooth symptoms also, I believe. She is also now fine.
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Or it could just be referred pain from sinus see another doctor...and definitely don't ignore it. Tooth pain is often NOT tooth pain...
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I had similar tooth pain, limited to one side, near the second to last tooth toward the back, for about a week recently. It didn't extend so far up into the rest of my face, but definitely hinted toward the sinuses. I learned from a dentist that the sinus nerve wraps down and around that exact tooth back there. So if you have blocked sinuses (ie, sinus infection, bad cold, etc) that could be the cause of the pain as well.
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I had a really really really bad tooth ache. All I could do to ease the pain was run cold water over it. It turned out to be a root canal. Go see the specialist!
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Test: Tap your tooth with the egde of your finger nail. If it hurts you probably need a root canal.

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