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Where do you keep your money when you travel?

Asked by gradyjones (1238points) December 12th, 2009

When I travel I try not to keep all of my money in one place just in case I lose it or it gets stolen. Do you have a place besides your wallet or purse that you hide your money, or other valuables, when traveling?

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debit card

i don’t carry much else – sometimes i carry a concealed firearm – licensed of course

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I have a handy money belt that I got from REI. I keep cash and a photocopy of my passport in it.

It is similar to this. I can keep 2k in hundreds and not notice. But most of my money comes from the ATM. The money belt is for if I lose my wallet.

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I use my debit card, every time, don’t carry cash when I travel

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Oh sure. You’d like to know that, wouldn’t you?

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I keep my money up my ass, out of the way pickpockets. It’s safe, but it’s hell to get it out if the bills become unrolled in there.

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Im not telling you.

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Uh.. Money? What money?

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Debit card. I don’t carry a great deal of cash on me, but keep some spare in my bag.

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Various places – some in toiletries bag, some in backpack, some in wallet. I also use a debit card.

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I usually do not carry too much cash with me if / when traveling .

However; I do have a Money Belt as well as a shoulder holster and a hip holster; BOTH with firearms in them…

I prefer to use my Debit card most , when traveling .

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I’m not gonna tell you!!! Sheesh.

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somewhere were no one will find :P

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I buy traveller cheques and always keep in my wallet.

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On my ATM card.

Don“t have much use for cash anymore.

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I leave it at home.

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We keep our money in an interest bearing savings account. Most of our financial transactions are made with a points earning credit card, and we save up the points for free motel rooms. It is very rare to need cash when traveling.

When Hubby was traveling for several weeks in Europe, he kept most of his money in a ‘body wallet’ which is similar to a belt worn umder your clothing.

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It is a good idea to keep some cash on you when you travel. What happens if you lose your card?

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@johnpowell Good point. When we travel, we each keep a different card in our wallet, and also each have a back up card in our luggage.

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! always use debit and credit card while traveling.

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use the cards, but pay the bill in-full without interest
I carry very little cash when traveling

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