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How much electricity do I save by...

Asked by Eight (503points) February 24th, 2008

turning off computer/printer/monitor v/s unplugging same. If I turn off the computer but leave the monitor on does the monitor draw any current.

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Most modern electronic devices draw a small current when plugged in. If you doubt it, plug one in with the switch off, and you will hear a small click, indicating the device has recognized that it is powered. Monitors draw current when the computer is off, just very little. You are talking about very few watts. Older monitors with cathode ray tubes draw much more power than the LCD monitors in use today.

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I know that, I’m asking for specific quantification.

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Without knowing the Maker and model number of the monitor, the question has no answer.

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There’s devices out there that can meter your electricity use on an outlet. Go buy one and do some readings. Then again, as this article points out, nearly all devices state how much electricity they use (though I’m not sue about standby values).

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