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Easy web site maintenance for the client?

Asked by HeNkiSdaBro (392points) February 24th, 2008

I am working with a client to develop her web site. She is a song writer and would like to be able to in the future update the site herself, uploading new mp3 files to the player that will be running on the site. Are there any easy smart solutions that looks great and makes it easy for the client to maintain?

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You need a Content Mangement System. Probably not the one with the most whiz-bang Enterprise This++/Web 2.0 features, but the the one that is simplest to use.

The quickest way to set up a CMS is to just use blogging software. Chances are, it’ll cover 90% of what she needs. MovableType just released a free version that includes the ability to make pages, upload media files (which it calls “assets”), and it has a decent WYSIWYG editor.

There are a plethora of plugins to refine how the engine works with everything. That’s probably your best bet.

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Thank you! I was thinking about that already since I’m using Wordpress myself for my own blog. There are indeed tons of plugins so that might work. What I am looking into though is a way to get her to update mainly the songs and pictures on the site without any need to update and textual content. I could design the site manually and then use some sort of dynamic mashup to create the slideshow and media player. I was looking into using SlideShowPro to show images, linking it to a Flickr photo set that she easily can maintain herself. For media playing purposes I om not sure what the best solution might be. Please help me with any other cool solution!

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Try, if she creates a new artist page then you can easily add a player to her site that will play her songs.

HeNkiSdaBro's avatar sounds like a great option! Thanks Vincentt! The site will mainly be for the agents and big guys at the record companies to look at. Can it be customized to fit the site design easily? is pretty web 2.0, might be a cool thing to integrate onto the site.

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@HeNkiSdaBro – can be customized quite heavily (though by far not as much as a personal site – see this group page) but its features are awesome and can very well be integrated in her own site (i.e. by including the Flash player or fetching statistics).

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Ask her to appoint an engineer who does have proficient with site maintenance

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